Hannity endures explosive verbal attack from crazed Dem. congressman

It’s probably fair to say Fox News’ Sean Hannity didn’t expect Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison to tell him off on-air Tuesday night, but Hannity endured the verbal attack with some chuckles and a cool smile.

Ellison began the interview by calling Hannity “the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen,” and went crazy from there.

Hannity couldn’t get a word in edgewise, but Politico reported why Ellison was so angry:

The congressman’s remarks came after Hannity aired footage of President Obama giving two similar interviews about the looming effects of sequestration, set against a soundtrack of “O Fortuna,” from the Carmina Burana. Hannity said the President was “more concerned with fearmongering than finding a solution to the problem he created.”

Hannity allowed Ellison to say his peace, then Hannity ended the interview saying, “Congressman, you are a total waste of time. We’re moving on, because our audience deserves better. I tried to give you a fair shot.”

Watch the explosive Hannity interview via Politico here:

Janeen Capizola

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34 thoughts on “Hannity endures explosive verbal attack from crazed Dem. congressman

  1. Marian Dujsik says:

    Minnesota, please, if there's a collective brain amongst you, do not reelect Keith Ellison. And y'all spit out that kool-aid!

  2. Yes and he is radical in many ways. Now people will start to realize why the state of Minnesota is in dire straights all the time. They voted for a dysfunctional progressive like Ellison (not easy calling him a senator). Good luck, but stay out of our lives.

  3. hank guinn says:

    he is the type that sets there race back,a typical angry black man, only people who get angry are usually wrong like hannity smiling knows he is not wrong thats why he is not angry,Mr Ellison need to learn some manners and not act like the ignorant asshole he really is.

  4. I did a bunch of tweets right after watching this live.

    Ellison's hateful, perching above to proclaim all that isn't in agreement to his views unfit solely for that reason alone is the epitome of Christopher Dorner and his views of those who didn't agree with him, the views of every hateful Liberal and/or every hateful Muslim Extremist. I am just glad Ellison wasn't armed. We see what happens when people with his uppity view of himself above everyone and all reproach, above all Americans because he says so, get a gun. Liberals who have this victim belief of themselves while all reason is set aside for their hate, get fully absorbed in how they can use force, use the power of a gun, with no respect for it whatsoever, and no sense of responsibility as it is “social justice” for their victimhood.

    Consider that almost, if not, every mass shooting and gunman on some shooting spree of the last 10 were Liberals who didn't get their way, just like Ellison from the beginning of the interview with Hannity, upset that things aren't going the way of their views, and more so, that a white guy, Sean Hannity would question a black President, automatic unforgivable sacrilege to the religious zealot of Social Justice.

    The causse, I submit, is the "Liberal Gene" google and enjoy what you find, as it appears by the claimsa about it that this gene is responsible for the ideology of Mao, Che, Fidel, Stalin, and Hitler (National Socialist Party), who, in all those occasions, also took up arms and killed hundreds to millions, showing force is the result of that power that corrupts absolutely. Keith Ellison represents all that's been wrong in history, as the one who is mad because he didn't get to wield the power, not the victim of any of it. Liberals want gun control because THEY cannot help themselves from the most improper temptations to the power of force.

    Ellison treatment of a Citizen, Sean Hannity, when Ellison is a servant to the American people only emphasizes his hate and victimhood are paramount to every thought Keith Ellison has.

  5. I don;t know if we can call this person a man,because he was very,very,very out of control.Didn't answer any of Seans questions.Hope he never invites him to return.LIz

  6. Ken Juen says:

    The repubs have their share of wackos, but the Dem wackos outclass the. Sheila Jackson, Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison, Al Franken to name a few. And all the Democratic ex governors in jail along with the Dem Mayors doing time. Embarrassing for them if the media ever did it's job.

  7. dan says:

    Extremely racist. You shall not pass God's judgment. Repent. You are what is wrong with this nation not the Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison. Shame upon you and your family. You are lower than the low.

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