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Texas burglars beware, homeowners have good aim

rick_perry w/ guns
Gov. Rick Perry’s Texas is friendly to the Second Amendment. Not so friendly to home invaders.
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Criminals got a rude awakening in Texas last week. While Gov. Rick Perry was reminding gun manufacturers that Texas respects the Second Amendment, his constituents were proving just how deep that belief is ingrained.

On two separate occasions, home invaders were shot and killed by Texas homeowners, demonstrating the principle, “A person’s home is his castle — invade at your own risk.”

The Texas “Castle Doctrine” writes that principle into state law, granting a homeowner the right to use deadly force to protect themselves, their family and their property from those who threaten them.

In Houston, three young toughs pushed their way into a home early Thursday and shoved the homeowner to the floor. As they went after his wife, their 21-year-old son went into his parents’ bedroom and retrieved his father’s gun.

When one of the intruders followed the son, he was shot dead.

“I just hear a couple of times — boom, boom, boom,” the homeowner said, according to Godfather Politics. “One young life is lost.”

The other two fled the scene but were soon apprehended, according to a WHOU News account of the incident.

TV news account:

In a second incident last week, this time in the Dallas area, an elderly man whose home had been burglarized several times in the past had finally had enough. This time, when his home was invaded, the owner was prepared.

He shot the intruder during the daytime break-in. As it turned out, police say the 33-year-old burglar had a lengthy criminal record.

Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

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