Gov. Scott says he’ll fight latest ruling on Fla. welfare drug testing

rick scott w flagAfter a federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday to uphold the temporary ban on a Florida law requiring drug testing for welfare recipients, Gov. Rick Scott announced he will appeal the decision.

“The court’s ruling today is disturbing,” Scott said in a statement released to the media. “Welfare is 100 percent about helping children. Welfare is taxpayer money to help people looking for jobs who have children. Drug use by anyone with children looking for a job is totally destructive. This is fundamentally about protecting the wellbeing of Florida families. We will protect children and families in our state, and this decision will be appealed to the Supreme Court.”

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta upheld the lower court’s decision to halt the testing, according to ABC News. The court’s opinion said the state hadn’t proven “substantial special need” to make the testing mandatory.

The controversial measure is meant to deter drug use by people receiving welfare, but opponents claim it is unconstitutional. Georgia has a similar law on hold, pending the outcome of the legal challenge to the Florida law.

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


15 thoughts on “Gov. Scott says he’ll fight latest ruling on Fla. welfare drug testing

  1. KB Cook says:

    Good grief! Job applicants have to pass a drug test to work. State, Federal and even municipal job applicants have to pass a drug screen to be considered viable candidates. Military personnel have to pass drug tests routinely. But the courts think it's OK for those on the dole at taxpayer expense to just take the money and head for the nearest crack house? What's wrong with these people? They're not good judges; they're legislating from the bench! NOT GOOD!

  2. Miriam says:

    I totally agree with the Governor. To work for the government you must agree to drug testing. Why can you not be drug tested to be supported by the government? Makes no sense. Besides, it will make sure that the monies given are for the children and the roof over their heads, and not to the local drug dealer.

    1. RUSerious says:

      Let's start with the Gov. and legislature who are paid from state funds.

      1. Ladyliberty says:

        Let's start with you, since your comments routinely exhibit evidence of aberrant thought patterns.

  3. Mikey0 says:

    Government control of people…keep them stoned…keep them on welfare…..

  4. DaffyD says:

    The governor is full of baloney. What if the welfare applicants don't spend the money on drugs but instead spend it on tobacco and alcohol? What if they spend it at the casino? What if they spend it on fatty food? What if they spend it on extramarital affairs? Etc., etc.

    1. John S says:

      Good idea, Daffy, let's stop the damn welfare altogether. Let 'em starve!

      1. RUSerious says:

        Let's begin with you John S. and all Americans who hate other Americans.

        1. Ladyliberty says:

          Oh goodie!! That means YOU FIRST, RU!

  5. The Radio Jihad Netw says:

    Want the government cheese you must be drug free. RPOF you have permission to use this catchy slogan.

    Finding a job and keeping it is not easy. A person has to be at work on time every day, have good personal hygiene, be able to function non-violently with co-workers and demanding customers, talk in full coherent sentences, please a demanding boss, learn to be a good follower as well as leader, and be able to budget your hard earned wages to get you through the month.

    Let's face it illegal drugs are not cheap. For those who choose a non-conventional lifestyle, drug dealing can be lucrative, and the rewards might justify the risks of getting busted and being housed in a free government paid holding facility called prison. For the drug dealer customer base, these people don't have the self control to hold a conventional job or have the temperament to be a successful drug dealer. Drugs become a lifestyle choice.

    It has been well documented that many of this non-working, drug using, segment of our society have one source of income – that would be the government cheese. For this drug taking, government cheese receiving segment of our population they are enjoying a lifestyle choice. No Job, No time constraints, few responsibilities, its just party time on the government dole. Taking illegal drugs is a lifestyle choice not available to everyone who is subject to random drug testing at work. Oh – I forgot working under the table in cash so the employer and employee don't have to feed the government cheese.

    When your working 50+ hours a week, raising a family, and paying a mortgage, spending your leftover savings on weed, coke, and oxy gets substituted with clothes for the kids, automobile expenses, home depot, and whatever legal vices like alcohol and smokes you can consume. All things in moderation including booze and smokes – lord knows the government jacks us on the sin taxes and then makes homemade moonshine and gambling illegal in certain states unless its running numbers called the State Lottery – but thats another story.

    So if you want the government cheese submit a sample of your hair for drug analysis. People who choose the government cheese lifestyle are not stupid. If all your government benefits equal $10/hour with no taxes and no work – why would a rational economically astute person choose to work for the equivalent of $13.50 / hour pre tax and bust ass 40+ hours a week when the government pays you the same to sit home and collect a check.

    Just because your on welfare doesn't mean you are stupid, it means one chose the lifestyle that weighed the pros and cons of Work v. Welfare and made a rational decision.

    In return the Democrats who give away as much government cheese as they can, off the backs of the working class to satisfy an insatiable dependent voting base is the foundation for the cycle of poverty in America.

    What do you think of that?

    The Radio Jihad Network – Striving to educate America

  6. Black Kettle says:

    The numbers were known before the testing was stopped. The cost to the state for the testing far exceeded the cost of payments to those who tested positive. The money went to drug testing firms that the state qualified for testing. Many of the firms were owned indirectly by Governor Scott. Governor Scott sold off his holdings in these firms just before the stop order. This issue is more about the rich dipping thier beak in the money pot than protecting children.

  7. The Radio Jihad Netw says:

    Black Kettle – Assuming your facts are true – the initial start up costs of the program might be higher. But once it became common knowledge that if you want the government cheese you must get tested for drugs human nature kicks in.

    A segment of the population will choose drugs over government benefits and the numbers from the welfare rolls will drop through attrition.

    Much like when the gov't maxed out benefits at 2 children. Suddenly welfare moms voluntarily changed their behavior and stopped birthing out government checks.

    Funny how that works.

  8. RUSerious says:

    If drug testing Floridians receiving payments from the state is constitutional, it should begin with the Governor and Legislature, why should they be exempt? There's no reason to suppose because you receive payment from the state that you are to be subjected to drugs testing, the only reason to do this is if you own a drug testing corporation like Gov. Scott.

  9. The Radio Jihad Netw says:

    RUSerious – If you are receiving benefits from the State paid for by tax payers – the taxpayers have a right to know if their money is being used to buy drugs.

    Remember this – Welfare benefits are meant to put help people through rough spots and is not meant to be a way of life.

    Show me proof that Gov. Scott owned the drug testing company that won the State Contract.

    Thank you

  10. John A says:

    Let's create a non existant problem, then come up with a solution to this perceived problem.

    Convince the masses that this will take care of welfare cheaters and were of and running.

    How many of those tested came back with positive results ? How much did the state have to

    shell out for all the "clean" tests ? I oppose this whole witch hunt for ecconomic reasons. the

    constitutionality doesn't concern me as much. It is an ill conceived Govt. bondogle. How much more

    will be wasted on this foolishness? Beam me outta here Scotty, my hair is begining to hurt.

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