Even MSNBC disgusted by Obama ‘selling access’

President Barack Obama’s new fundraising scheme is raising eyebrows even at ultra-liberal MSNBC.

Chuck Todd reported on the hypocrisy of Organizing For Action’s fundraising scheme, where donors who contribute $500,000 or more will have “special access” to the president. This is the very “influence peddling” Obama campaigned against in 2008.

How soon they forget.


8 thoughts on “Even MSNBC disgusted by Obama ‘selling access’

  1. Erick says:

    OMG… Thanks Chuck Todd for restoring my faith in you…Please keep an objective eye on events and tell it like it is….This administration has been SOOOOO full of deceit and diverting the truth that it is hard to determine what are facts…I am SURE this is their intent in doing so. People THINK rationally and independent for yur self…EDUCATE yourself do NOT take anything for granted!!!!

  2. Maggie says:

    Hope and Change?

    No Hope for us,lots of change for Obama.

    Good for Chuck Todd. Perhaps other media will remember journalists who came before them that loved their country more than politics and liberalism. The old journalists would only go so far in the tank for a lying,cheating politician,before they stood up for their own profession and what freedom of the press was all about.It is to keep politicians in the light of day and citizens informed re the truth.This gang informs us whatever Obama wants us to know. Perhaps Chuck will lead the change.

  3. For the first time I agree with MSNBC!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am an honest decent conservative man, that believes in freedom and adore America; free enterprise, freedom of speech, always fair and balanced; and above all God is my copilot!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. JJ says:

    Is anyone really surprised about this?? Perhaps the only thing really surprising here is that Chuckie finally calls out president Soetorro…

  6. Rifraffe says:

    Why does the prez feel he needs to raise all this money? What is he really up to? If he plans to stay in office, ala FDR, for a third term, that won't be from winning a third election! No money required to run in a non-election! So, is the money to be used to further assassinate the character and good name of republican politicians who make too much of a problem for this administration by telling the truth? Or to go after the successful republican governors and state organizations, legislatures etc? Once they turn a few states to their side, gerrymandering and all sorts of shananigans will just about guarantee that this will quickly become a one party nation in no time. May as well call it the Socialist Party of America because that is what it will be.

  7. RoyBoy says:

    Isn't this a PAC? Isn't it illegal for a PAC to interact with the person they support?

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