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Code Pink calls for boycott of Israeli Soda Stream company

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You see the TV commercials and probably never give them another thought. “Make your favorite soda at a fraction of the price,” the ads proclaim. The following video, however, tells the true SodaStream story.

The Book of Isaiah states, “Nations shall not lift swords against nations,” and this seems to be the guiding principle of SodaStream, headquartered in Airport City, Israel.

The company employs both Israelis and Palestinians and, although SodaStream is officially an Israeli company, it provides times and spaces for prayer as well as transportation to and from work for the Palestinians.

Moronically, “Code Pink” is calling for a boycott of SodaStream. According to its website:

SodaStream is an Israeli corporation that produces all of its carbonation devices in an illegal settlement in the West Bank. All Israeli settlements exist in direct contravention to international law! This settlement company obscures its true illegal origin by marking its products “Made in Israel”, however “made in an illegal Israeli settlement” is more like it.

Watch the following video and be prepared to have your heart lifted and your soul filled with hope. The company is truly building bridges, not walls.


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