‘Argo’ hero reflects on real-life events that inspired film

Ken Taylor, the former Canadian ambassador to Iran, was the man who housed the six American hostages who fled the U.S. Embassy in 1979. Those six hostages were later rescued in a CIA-led operation that was the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning movie, “Argo.

James Lipton from AOL.com interviewed Taylor and his wife, Pat, Sunday about the real-life events during that time in Tehran.

The Taylors gave a 13-minute interview detailing their heroic decisions and actions that saved the lives of those six Americans during a tense and frightening time in Iran.

Taylor told Lipton he and his wife enjoyed the movie version. “In a sense, it’s a simple story with a good conclusion,” he said. “And, of course, we were happy with the good conclusion.”

In a laugh-out-loud moment, Ken Taylor said his wife turned to him during a tense moment in their first viewing of the movie and reassured him, “We did get out OK.”

Watch the AOL interview here:


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