NYPD targets gangs and husbands to lower murder rate

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is getting it done.

The city’s murder rate continues to drop, thanks to new police initiatives that target gangs and men who beat their wives or girlfriends.  And just like Rudy Giuliani, Kelly has the city prosecutor’s office working with police by hitting gang criminals with conspiracy charges.

Kelly told the New York Post that youth gang violence makes up 30 percent of the city’s shootings, so he doubled officers in the gang unit patrol to 300.

Kelly explained that police are now using the “taunts and threats” posted by teen gang members on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to build conspiracy cases against them.

On the domestic violence front, the article said Kelly “set up special units in each precinct to crack down on domestic-violence incidents, helping pre-empt murders by abusive husbands and boyfriends.”

A police source told the Post that before these special units, cops were unable to respond and arrest every abusive spouse.

“Domestic violence is a key component to addressing violence and addressing murder,” Kelly told the Post.

Kelly’s initiatives are working, the police said. “The innovative tactics helped send the city’s homicide numbers tumbling to a record-low 414 murders in 2012 and they’re down another 33 percent so far this year,” the article reported.



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