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NRA is firing back, Obama supplies the ammunition

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NRAThe National Rifle Association obtained a copy of an internal Obama administration memo that may change the course of the battle between firearm enthusiasts and gun control proponents.

Since the tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., the NRA has been on the defensive against both federal and state legislative proposals.

The bills under consideration range from universal background checks and bans on the future sale of assault guns and high-capacity magazines to gun registration and the outright confiscation of weapons.

Alan Fram wrote for The Associated Press:

The memo, under the name of one of the Justice Department’s leading crime researchers, critiques the effectiveness of gun control proposals, including some of President Barack Obama’s. A Justice Department official called the memo an unfinished review of gun violence research and said it does not represent administration policy.

The memo says requiring background checks for more gun purchases could help, but also could lead to more illicit weapons sales. It says banning assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines produced in the future but exempting those already owned by the public, as Obama has proposed, would have limited impact because people now own so many of those items.

It also says that even total elimination of assault weapons would have little overall effect on gun killings because assault weapons account for a limited proportion of those crimes.

The discovery of the memo marks a serious blow to the Obama administration’s efforts to enact new gun control legislation. The crux of the memo is that legislation such as an assault weapons ban and background checks would be ineffective in curbing firearm violence.

It further states that the only government action that would work would be a buyback or confiscation program. The administration has never proposed such a program, for good reason: It would be political suicide.

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Here’s the new NRA ad that was produced as a result of the leaked Justice Department memo.


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