NC illegal immigrant driver’s licenses labeled ‘discriminatory’

North Carolina’s Department of Motor Vehicles is set to issue driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants next month, but not without controversy. A bright pink stripe and the words “No Lawful Status” has many up in arms.

The license was designed for participants in President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, those whose parents brought them into the United States illegally as a child. If they meet federal criteria, they will be allowed to stay legally on a work permit for up to two years.

North Carolina proposed DL

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The license benefits Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals participants, according to Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page, especially if they are pulled over and asked for identification.

“If he has an identification,” Page told Fox8. “There’s a better chance he’s going to get a citation or a warning and sent on his way versus ending up at the magistrate’s office and ending up in the local jail.”

But Cara Read, a High Point University student who has lived in America since she was 6 years old, has a green card and is working to become a U.S. citizen, fears she will be required to have the same license.

“I think anything that mentions me not being a citizen on my driver’s license might be discriminatory and is a label I don’t think I should have on my license,” Cara told Fox8. “There’s such a negative conversation around immigration in general. I’m afraid this will confuse employers or anyone looking at my license. It could make them question if I’m here legally, which I am.”

While proponents of the license are also touting it as a measure to combat voter ID fraud, North Carolina doesn’t require residents to show ID to vote.

Since Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration announced the Department of Motor Vehicles would begin issuing the licenses, Rep. Mark Brody, R-Union, and three freshmen legislators have introduced a bill to halt the program until June 15 in order to clarify details in the state law.

According to Fox News:

Brody said he believes strongly that the DACA program violated the U.S. Constitution because it was implemented without congressional approval. Obama said last year he was forced to take executive action by the decades-long failure of Congress to consider meaningful immigration reform.

Among the concerns raised by Brody and other bill sponsors is that illegal immigrants might use their new licenses to access social programs or register to vote, despite the bright pink markings. An extensive 2011 review of the state’s 6.4 million registered voters by the N.C. Board of Elections found 12 instances were a non-citizen successfully cast a ballot.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has said that it is up to the states to determine how to handle the issue.

See the Fox8 report here:

NC Fox8 pic

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


23 thoughts on “NC illegal immigrant driver’s licenses labeled ‘discriminatory’

  1. mobilebay says:

    It makes me heartsick to see our nation becoming another third world. I have four great-granddaughters who will never know the country in which I grew up. Since it's beginning, our leaders and our people fought together against our common enemy. Suddenly, we have been invaded, on our own land, and our leaders actually welcome the invaders. No more patriotic outpouring of rallying around our flag, no more military to defend our borders, no more "fireside chats" by our President to let the people know we're all in this together and will win. Only a government who tells us that we're expendable and that the invaders are the chosen people who will inherit "our" part of the earth. We've surrendered without a battle.

  2. John Bowman says:

    Just don't give them licenses in the first place, problem solved.

  3. John Bowman says:

    Wrong AL, diversity SEPARATES us, it was law abiding immigrants who assimilated into the melting pot that made the USA UNITED, strong and great.

  4. Pingback: Anonymous
  5. Bobby says:

    Hahahahahah………These are the kind of games CONGRESS THE SENATE AND THE WHITE HOUSE, play with American citizens rights. ILLEGAL FOREIGN NATIONALS, according to United States Immigration Law, shouldn't even be in North Carolina, in the first place. Haven't you North Carolinians heard of a state called California, a state which has for all practical purposes, merely become a sattelite of Mexico? Illegal foreign nationals rule in California, because our capitol Sacramento is filled with traitors to the citizens. The two Senators, Feinstein and Boxer, are prime examples. Just my opinion as a weak and meaningless citizen of California. Bye now.

  6. Bobby says:

    It's a violation of United States Immigration law code, BRO. You see, there is no need for this kind of license and it's only done to fool U.S. citizens into believing these folks should be here in the first place. You won't find this kind of silliness in Mexico, because Mexico respects Mexicans.etc. In fact, you won't find it in any country that has "latinos".

  7. Bobby says:

    Send it to the Congress, Senate, or Whtie House. This clever little poem is already well known among citizens, but apparently no phony Congressman/woman, Senator or Obama has ever heard of it.

  8. clemintine says:

    would the recipients of these licenses feel better if the pink stripe said "undocumented and unafraid"? they are not above flaunting this on signs/etc at protests, so let them really own this!

    1. Bobby says:

      My guess is, that most North Carolinians, love "cheap" labor and Mexican illegal immigration. But, like California, North Carolina, will soon discover that these folks are not cheap. Nope!! They are high maintainance, and will soon be demanding, organized by their power groups, like MECHA, LULAC, MALDEF, LA RAZA, more and more of your rresources, wealth, services, and things they never even paid into. Don't you realize that the new STATE MOTTO for California is now, STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES, in honor of Hollywood movies. Maybe NOrth Carolina's motto will be, STUPID IS WHAT STUPID DIDN'T DO……… peace.

  9. Trish A says:

    I'm a 1st generation American born to 2 German immigrant parents who came to the USA the right way. My parents had ONE YEAR to learn English and file for citizenship. My poor Mother was so desperate she learned our language by watching the "I Love Lucy" show! If they could do it, why can't ALL of these ILLEGALS do it? I was told that driving was a PRIVILEGE…NOT a RIGHT! Where do these illegals, (aka: dreamers) get off screaming that we OWE them something??! Fine…they wanna drive? They'd better have PROOF of auto insurance. As far as I'm concerned, there is NO RIGHT to drive or be equal to US Citizens in anything else. We need to send their home country lands the bills it costs Americans to host these people. I'd bet THAT would impact how many people get & stay here illegally.

  10. Rob says:

    They want them to look exactly like a American citizens license so they can impersonate themself as a US citizen. These twits always conveniently using the phrase – discriminatory and labeling – Have no problem labeling them self during events such as "cinco di mio" or any other mexican event same as blacks claim they don't want to be labeled unless they are getting some perk or recognition such as grants or entitlements or black history month, black biker week, black caucus black this and black that. Imagine if the whites had specific dates, months and events that depicted and recognized their race exclusively.

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