Black conservative: ‘Gun control is black people control’

Black conservative activist Star Parker introduces Stacy M. Swimp, the president Frederick Douglas Society to answer a reporter’s question about how gun control has racist overtones.

“The first gun laws were put in place to register black folks to make sure that they knew who we were,” Swimp informs the reporter according to CSPAN3.

“There’s a direct correlation between gun control and black people control.”

Swimp then moves on to gun control legislation in general.

“The homes that criminals look for to commit crimes are the ones they assume or believe or know there is not a gun owner in the home.”

Then he drives the point home.

“If you think for one minute that gun control is going to do anything about reducing crime, what you’ve done is you’ve just played into the hands of criminals. And they’re having a party and thanking the Democrat Party for making it much easier for them.”


3 thoughts on “Black conservative: ‘Gun control is black people control’

  1. Ben says:

    This man is right. The Democrats are playing on the support of the Black American People who probably witness more Gun Violence in the street on a daily basis in their communities. Seeing innocent people die from being shot is nothing new to them, and a lot of them feel they are all being labeled as criminals, and they are all a problem when proposed Gun Laws come into the perspective. Truthfully I would urge the Black Community to post more videos and media of being law obiding gun owning citizens. It would be better for the people to see its not reckless black on black crime which is exploited in an unmeaningful way, and not correctly put into to place by the media. I would also urge the White Community to put aside bias and be more welcoming to minorities that are wanting to participate in Gun Safety and Protection courses that feel unwelcome. The 2nd Amendment applies to all of us. Together we stand, Divided we fall. As a people we should put the nonsense behind us, and say hey we are better off having more Good Guys with the Guns then the Bad Guys. On all levels. Because Criminals get guns. Illegal ones, Automatic ones, and they do not care. And why would they you ain't got what they got. My prayers to all the recent gun deaths but this has been going on long before the media grasped its financial, and political edge.

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