A lesson for US: Israeli’s well-armed and trained populace protects itself

Israeli female soldiers
Female soldiers of IDF. Photo credit: Global Military Review

President Obama is turning the screws on law-abiding Americans who want to arm themselves in self-defense against criminals who neither know nor respect the rule of law. In Israel, where Palestinian terrorists actually blend in with society and each and every Israeli can quickly become their victim, the arming of the Jewish populace has cut down on terror. In Israel, it is not the police who protect Jews from the Muslim jackals trying to turn the streets into killing fields. It is the weapons that civilians carry to ward off those terrorists. Every Israeli has been trained in the use of firearms.

So why does the Obama administration vilify citizens who are eligible to buy weapons? Wouldn’t a well-armed and trained citizenry in Chicago stem the killings in that violent city? Wouldn’t it be cheaper and safer for New Yorkers if Mayor Michael Bloomberg “carried” and permitted his platoon of bodyguards to go back to patrolling city streets? Why not have local police departments offer classes in the safe use of firearms so that ordinary citizens, whose backgrounds have been scrutinized for criminality and mental disorders, can be trained and taught to protect themselves, their families and their communities?

I wonder what the response would be if a survey asked criminals, “How safe would you feel if your potential victims were armed and trained to use their small arms in self-defense?”


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