A lesson for US: Israeli’s well-armed and trained populace protects itself

Israeli female soldiers

Female soldiers of IDF. Photo credit: Global Military Review

President Obama is turning the screws on law-abiding Americans who want to arm themselves in self-defense against criminals who neither know nor respect the rule of law. In Israel, where Palestinian terrorists actually blend in with society and each and every Israeli can quickly become their victim, the arming of the Jewish populace has cut down on terror. In Israel, it is not the police who protect Jews from the Muslim jackals trying to turn the streets into killing fields. It is the weapons that civilians carry to ward off those terrorists. Every Israeli has been trained in the use of firearms.

So why does the Obama administration vilify citizens who are eligible to buy weapons? Wouldn’t a well-armed and trained citizenry in Chicago stem the killings in that violent city? Wouldn’t it be cheaper and safer for New Yorkers if Mayor Michael Bloomberg “carried” and permitted his platoon of bodyguards to go back to patrolling city streets? Why not have local police departments offer classes in the safe use of firearms so that ordinary citizens, whose backgrounds have been scrutinized for criminality and mental disorders, can be trained and taught to protect themselves, their families and their communities?

I wonder what the response would be if a survey asked criminals, “How safe would you feel if your potential victims were armed and trained to use their small arms in self-defense?”

Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


10 thoughts on “A lesson for US: Israeli’s well-armed and trained populace protects itself

  1. Joyce from Texas says:

    In order for obama and his administration to get my guns..they will have to take them from my cold hands! Fact!

  2. Luther Henry says:

    I can't wait til we rid ourselves of these intellectual "panty waist" liberal know it alls, who think that they know what is best for everyone and want to dictate their beliefs and political correctness crap to the whole populace. They are a menace to society. If it were not for the armed patriots who ran out the overbearing British, we would still be subjects of the Queen of England and I'll be damned if I am ever going to be the subject of a marxist;/muslim dictator.

  3. michael says:

    I will be damned if I am gonna be subject to any dictator of anykind. I say bring it on, give it your best shot obammy, your gonna loose.

  4. Strab says:

    Stop it! You should know by now that once this administrations mind is made up you cannot confuse it with facts.

    We all know that this is not about protection, it's about control. If only the government and criminals have weapons then the citizenry is at their mercy and under their control (yes, both government and criminal control)

  5. KB Cook says:

    During my 3 trips to Israel in the previous decade, I never felt safer! Israel is armed and trained to protect themselves and their people, even their visitors. The armed tour guides I spoke with on all 3 occasions gave me great insight into the morale and mentality of an armed & trained populace. I'm all for it here in the USA.

  6. Rich says:

    The wheels of individual freedoms are coming to a screeching halt . Congress has created our problems and an atmosphere of hopelessness and despair for some people to the point they take out their hostilities on society. The more freedoms we lose the more power our Congressional leaders yield. Our downfall started with the Patriot Act and continues. The link below shows how we have given up our constitutional rights. Again, we are walking into hell with both eyes open.


  7. Ted says:

    The most important thing to say is that the United States (320 million) is not Israel (7 million). We don't have a constant , sometimes managed, fear of our neighbors like Israel has to have. The nation of Israel was created through a combination of Zionist efforts, the fact that many of the European Jews could not go back to their home countries, because they would have been killed by the populations that didn't want them back. It was also the mandate of the United Nations, with major support of the United States and the British, who just left their mandate in Palistine, without ensuring a peaceful transition. You got a lot of hostile neighbors all around that country. They HAVE to participate in mass paranoia, with good reason: the Arabs want them gone. Having a gun handy in Israel is akin to being patriotic. I think you could also argue that they are a target of terrorism, up and close.

    In this country, we have the Second Amendment. Many people think its a RIGHT to keep any weapon they want. Literally. I think the mass paranoia you have in this country comes from generated fear of crime, that, dispite the news, doesn't touch the vast majority of us. At least to the point where a gun would do you any good. I think guns, for general protection are overrated. Really, when was the last time you HAD to whip out your assault gun, or .38, or .22, or shotgun, to protect yourself? If you look through the news, you will see stories of events, one, two, three, at a time, from accross the country of 320 million people, of people who shot the bad guy. Most of the "from my cold, dead hands" crowd" are victims of propaganda. They think that their weapons will stop what they think is tyranny. Well, if tyranny comes, it will come to you through the voting box and by your local computer. Look how much of you is spread through the net. You are wide open to control through your job, family and church. Taking you gun from your "cold, dead, hands" will not be a problem. Your neighbor will just turn you in. There will ba an APP for that. The contrast between the US and Israel is not valid. We were around long before them. I also think we will see that we will still be here when they are gone. But that is another subject. Just saying…

  8. Daniel Sizemore says:

    Obama will do as he wants. and, when enough people oppose him, he will declare Marshall Law. and then the killing of Americans by Americans will begin, and Obama will get what he wants by taking out the opposition. Leaving only the idiotic sheep. we are screwed. he is buying up ammunition and training people to forcefully remove our rights and keep us quiet. Mark my words on this. it is coming.

    he is doing this under the name of "population control". That could mean to forcefully control the population and if necessary kill them. History will show (in the future) that he is just like Hitler.

  9. Ted says:

    You could gun up, erase your FB page and go live in the desert under the leadership of the Rev. Chicken Little.

  10. Jeabo says:

    Its about the safety of Uncle Sam too. They know that the American people have roots in actual fighting for freedom. They know that they can only push us so far in a given period of time.

    Plus, there are always a few idiotic fringe radicals that no one supports. I spent a week in my state capital for a program in highschool. I heard twice about the fear of gunmem like these.

    There is more to gun control than everybody is talking about.

    Politicians do screw many things up because they are rarely experts and listen to too many nurse maid solutions of solving the world's problems. But the blame falls on us for voting in willing idiots. Its our fault.

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