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Tearful dad sees ‘Jessica’s Law’ shut down by Dem. lawmakers in Colo.

Jessica Marie Lunsford
Jessica Marie Lunsford
Photo credit nbcnews.com

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Floridian Mark Lunsford is a man on a crusade. He wants to see all 50 states enact “Jessica’s Law,” named for his slain daughter, and he won’t rest until it happens.

Sunday will mark eight years since the early morning hour when 9-year-old Jessica Marie Lunsford was abducted from her home by convicted sex offender John Couey. Had that terrible series of events not occurred, today Jessica would be a high school senior, making plans for the prom, graduation and where she wanted to take her life from there. She didn’t get that chance.

Instead Couey held her captive and repeatedly raped throughout the weekend, until finally — some may say mercifully – she was murdered.

“Jessica’s Law” calls for more stringent tracking of sex offenders and minimum sentencing guidelines for those who commit sexual battery against children. It failed when it came before Congress, so Lunsford has had to campaign state by state for its passage.

Idaho and New Jersey are very close to enacting “Jessica’s Law.” That leaves five holdouts — Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, New York and Vermont. Lunsford is almost there. But like many such endeavors, the final steps are proving to be the most difficult.

Lunsford testified last week for the bill’s passage before the Colorado General Assembly, which appeared less than enthusiastic. This should have been a no-brainer, so what was the problem? This was the same legislative body where a Democratic legislator pushed for rape whistles and “gun-free zones” as the answer to sexual assaults.

Lunsford didn’t have a chance.

As he continues his noble quest, this determined dad deserves our prayers and support. On Sunday, think of him, and especially of little Jessica.

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