Stop the ‘Hate America’ campaign in this country

A recent MSNBC gathering of “experts” was discussing the upcoming Academy Awards when they ventured into political territory. The topic at hand: “Zero Dark Thirty,” a new movie about Osama bin Laden’s assassination and whether U.S. troops are put in danger when jihadists are tortured in order to extract information from them.

James Lipton, dean emeritus of the Actors Studio Drama School in New York City, stated that in order to protect our soldiers from similar torture tactics by Muslim captors, we should stop all poor treatment of Islamist prisoners in U.S. custody, referring specifically to the waterboarding of three Muslim prisoners. Lipton reminded the mindless panelists of America’s own benevolent treatment of German World War II prisoners of war, treatment he said encouraged the Nazis to treat U.S. soldiers with like regard when they were captured. Huh? The Malmedy massacre, where Jewish prisoners of war were sent to slave labor camps, as well the horrors perpetrated by Nazi officers on the Western front all fly in the face of Lipton’s ridiculous, politically motivated comments. And what about the way the Japanese treated our boys in the Bataan Death March, while America returned the Japanese home after the war, or the way the Vietnamese tortured men U.S. soldiers, while their countrymen were treated to humane conditions in U.S. prisoner camps? Is there any comparing how humane Americans are compared to our enemies when it comes to battlefield captives? Yup! Only by the demented.

Michelle Obama angrySo why the cry from liberals about the harsh treatment of captured Muslims?  It’s all about Michelle Obama’s famous statement about being not being proud of America. We must all apologize to the world for America’s brutality, our incorrigible American behavior — starting with the “illegal immigrants” who stepped off the Mayflower and Columbus’ Christian crusade against the Native Americans. One-hundred-forty-five years after the Civil War, in which an estimated 435,000 Northern troops died to abolish slavery, we are ordered to hang our heads for our shameful history of civil rights during this time.

Isn’t it about time all of us who are actual immigrants or descendants of immigrants give thanks for the home we have in this wonderful, not yet utopian country? Shouldn’t we stop knocking our past and just continue our ongoing efforts to make this land better, safer and more understanding of all people? Hey, let up a bit and enjoy the freedoms we have, which are the envy of 99.9 percent of the world. Well, that is, so far.

Alan Bergstein

Alan Bergstein comes to our pages as a Brooklyn native. Father of four, retired NYC Principal, Korean War Veteran, patriot and Jewish and Israel activist.


9 thoughts on “Stop the ‘Hate America’ campaign in this country

  1. Alex Markin says:

    How can one be any longer proud of a snivelling and gutless country whose voted in elite seems committed to bringing it down? I came to the US in the 60s. It is far from being the free and enterprising country it was then.

  2. KB Cook says:

    Pride for our nation adds up to patriotism, not necessarily acceptance and/or honor for our current politicians and/or policies. Patriotism comes from the Greek root word defining one's father or family line. We who are born in the USA have the same fatherland and by strict definition are patriots. Too bad that the American educational system doesn't teach this anymore! Communism has done its work well.

  3. Bessie98 says:


  4. Jax says:

    What that wild sow Michelle does not understand is that no one…..not a frigging person in this country with half of a brain….is the least bit proud of her. She is a conscious half feminine debacle whose ONLY claim to fame is that she just happens to be married to the only illegitimate, marxist, muslim and reportedly homosexual president this nation shall ever see. If he's not all of those things, please prove it…. No one can really get much lower in the human pecking order than that, and I don't care what house she occupies.


    The Communist Educational system has done its job to bring about todays warped attitude toward a Capitalist system which freed the world. Trophies for everybody-share school supplys purchased by working parents with kids whose folks won't work etc…

    Now we have P.C.which is even worse…Goodies for every body and Amnesty to guarantee this Liberal mess continues to Bankrupt us.. Imagine a new 12 million people Liberal voting block…

    That should finish it off…

  6. Ted says:

    Boy, talk about slant on an article. The writer starts right off with a big error. The Malmedy Masacre was the murder of American prisoners by the German SS during the Battle of the Bulge in December, 1944 by a rapid Nazi named Peiper. He was following, literally, the directive of taking no prisoners. Just for further info sake, he also was mysteriously murdered some years later, in France, I belive.

    One of the things you understand about this country is that we ALL either are immigrants or the decendents of immigrants. Its what we are. We also area big enough to be able to self-depreciate and know that its just part of the Amercian personality. Never to be taken seriously. For instance, does anyone really believe, after all or our history, that this country is finished? I'm bet you think this behind your smile, with your friends, when you go to dinner at Applebees on Friday night. Or happen to accidentially listen to Glenn Beck about the arrival of the black helicopters and the need to prepare for the coming appoccalypse, and secretly think: "now this guy is nuts". Or resort to calling people names, because calling names is all you have to vent your fustration. I normally think that if you have to insult or call people names, you don't want to focus on the facts. Too much trouble to actually work the problem. Easier to just throw it up in the air and hope everything lands OK, then further complain when the problems aren't solved. Know this: This country is not "snivelling". This country happens to be the best in the world. I've been all over it. Everyone wants to come here because of the freedom. They want to come here for the opportunities that are nowhere else. I think if you really think that this country is on the way down, you are part of the larger problem. Remember, you can always leave….

  7. Mike Smollon says:

    Jax, your are one ignorant jerk. If you're not, please prove it.

  8. Am proud to be an American,but wish more felt the way I do.Liz

  9. Rifraffe says:

    Ted almost had it right. This country is still the best in the world and our freedoms are what separate us from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, he refuses to see what is being done to our country right under his nose. The socialist plan doesn't require a shot being fired. As we continue to vote ourselves more and more free stuff, we erode the minds and backbones of future generations to the point where our liberties and freedoms are worth bartering. Vigilance and patriotism go hand in hand. Keeping our heads in the sand as socialist and islamic self interests nibble away at our constitutional foundation plays right into their game plan. Once its all gone even the liberal do-gooders like Ted will mourn..

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