Imam in Virginia calls for armed Jihad

The Investigative Project on Terrorism is reporting that Iman Sheik Shaker Elsayed advocated armed jihad last week while addressing an Ethiopian Muslim group in Alexandria, Va.

The project reported:

“Muslim men when it is a price to pay, they are first in line,” Elsayed said in comments seen on a YouTube video found by the Creeping Sharia blog. “They are the first in the prayer line. They are the first in the zakat (charity) line. They are the first in the hajj line. They are the first in the clean-up line. They are the first in the community-service line. They are the first in jihad line. They are the first in the da’wa line.”

“But they are last if anything is being distributed, unless it is arms for jihad,” Elsayed said. “We are the first to rush and run to defend our community and defend ourselves. The enemies of Allah are lining up; the question for us is, ‘Are we lining, or are we afraid because, because they may call us terrorists.'”

Being called “terrorists” should not matter to Muslims because Muslims are being called terrorists anyway, Elsayed said.

“You are a terrorist because you are a Muslim,” Elsayed said. “Well give them a run for their money. Make it worth it. Make this title worth it, and be good a Muslim.”

Read the full story: Dar al-Hijrah Imam Calls For Armed Jihad



13 thoughts on “Imam in Virginia calls for armed Jihad

  1. an Ethiopian says:

    Please Americans be aware of your enemies, they are the one hiding inside your house and creating fire all over the earth. This is the fire that is coming back to you. Don't let such a terrorist supporters stay in your country. Now they are encouraging for Ethiopian Muslims jihad war, but don't forget after some years they will start preaching your fellow Muslims. Enough is enough, Americans must take action to end such retarded terrorists supporters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. RLVAlleman says:

    I am so tired of words radical or extremist muslims, ALL devout muslims are to be feared, not just a select few.

    To be a true muslim you MUST read and follow the quran and unlike the old testament of the Holy Bible the quran is a guide book and not a story book.

    sura 9:5 of the quran states that muslims must seek out and KILL unbelievers, contrary to popular belief that does NOT mean Christians and Jews, that means ALL peoples that are NOT muslim, so mark my words……. "you ain't seen nothing yet"

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