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Former Secret Service agent lights up crowd at gun rally

Bongino during his unsuccessful senate bid
Photo credit www.examiner.com

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When former U.S. Secret Service agent Dan Bongino spoke at the Annapolis, Md., Guns Across America Rally on Feb. 18, he said according to FrontSightMovies: “There’s no such thing as gun control. There’s only people control.”

He then illustrated his point by recalling his experience in the Secret Service.

“I don’t ever remember having the conversation during my years in the Secret Service, ‘Hey listen, we’re taking the president to Baltimore … so let’s just disarm because they have really strict gun control laws,’” he said. “I never, in 15-plus years of doing this, have ever arrested or investigated someone on a gun crime who had that gun legally.”

At the close of his speech, Bongino emphasized that talk is cheap, but “action matters — action changes the world.”

“In this next election in 2014, if you’re not volunteering, or you’re not talking, or you’re not registered or you’re not voting — you’re the problem,” he said.

Bongino ran an unsuccessful campaign as the Republican candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in Maryland in 2012.


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