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Teacher website busted for promoting anti-American principles

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It starts early: Many parents find themselves fighting the liberal indoctrination of students once their children start elementary school.

According to Steve Gunn from the Education Action Group, parents need to know the American Federation of Teachers website is a “clearinghouse for lessons rooted in radical socialist political philosophy.”

“It seems like a lot of teachers out there are being encouraged to openly advocate for political positions that make the United States look like a terrible, racist, class-based society where nothing good ever happens,” Gunn said, according to American Family News.

The “Share My Lessons” tab on the federation website allows teachers to post their radical lesson plans for other teachers to use and implement in the classroom.

“The goal is to create a collectivist America – and Marxist educators see their opportunity to spread the seed through the impressionable minds of K-12 students,” Gunn said.

Gunn cited examples of some of the outrageous anti-American lesson plans on the website:

“Karl Marx and Socialism Powerpoint,” “Capitalism and its Effect,” a guide for school celebrations of the birth of the Muslim prophet Muhammad; and a worksheet based on Hollywood director Michael Moore’s film Sicko, which was an attack on the nation’s healthcare system.

Parents need to complain “long and loudly” if they believe their children are being subjected to “hardcore, socialist indoctrination” in the classroom, Gunn said.


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