Mother of Aurora shooting victim ‘appalled’ by McCain’s answer on gun ban

Caren and Tom Teves said they were “appalled” by Sen. John McCain’s answer on an assault weapons ban question during a town hall meeting in Phoenix on Thursday, the anniversary of their son’s death.

The Teveses, who lost their son seven months ago in the Aurora, Colo., shooting, said they had already received a disappointing “form letter” from McCain in response to a letter they wrote to him about the shooting.

Talking Points Memo reported that Caren Teves asked McCain during the town hall to support an assault weapons ban.

“I can tell you right now you need some straight talk. That assault weapons ban will not pass the Congress of the United States,” McCain responded to loud cheers and applause from the assembled crowd.

The Teveses gave an interview to Talking Points Memo after the meeting, saying of McCain’s response:

I was surprised at that. It takes a lot for me to just get out of bed every morning. I mean, this is still so new and so fresh, that my son was murdered. And I just expected a little more respect from someone who’s been in office over 30 years, and his staff. Between that and the form letter that we received, it’s just, it’s appalling.

“I have voted Republican my whole life,” Tom Teves added. “I’ll never vote Republican again — ever.”

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