Mother of Aurora shooting victim ‘appalled’ by McCain’s answer on gun ban

Caren and Tom Teves said they were “appalled” by Sen. John McCain’s answer on an assault weapons ban question during a town hall meeting in Phoenix on Thursday, the anniversary of their son’s death.

The Teveses, who lost their son seven months ago in the Aurora, Colo., shooting, said they had already received a disappointing “form letter” from McCain in response to a letter they wrote to him about the shooting.

Talking Points Memo reported that Caren Teves asked McCain during the town hall to support an assault weapons ban.

“I can tell you right now you need some straight talk. That assault weapons ban will not pass the Congress of the United States,” McCain responded to loud cheers and applause from the assembled crowd.

The Teveses gave an interview to Talking Points Memo after the meeting, saying of McCain’s response:

I was surprised at that. It takes a lot for me to just get out of bed every morning. I mean, this is still so new and so fresh, that my son was murdered. And I just expected a little more respect from someone who’s been in office over 30 years, and his staff. Between that and the form letter that we received, it’s just, it’s appalling.

“I have voted Republican my whole life,” Tom Teves added. “I’ll never vote Republican again — ever.”

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9 thoughts on “Mother of Aurora shooting victim ‘appalled’ by McCain’s answer on gun ban

  1. Charles Queen says:

    McCain was absolutely right in what he said.The fact is that a ban on what people seem to think are assult weapons will not change anything,nor will it stop anything from happening again in the future.As for assault weapons,I have a great deal of expeience with them being a disabled nam vet etc and the only time it becomes an assault weapons is when it has full uto cpability's and the ar's and aks sold today do not have full auto modes on them at all and the takes them out of the class of being assault weapons.This is very simple to understand.An ar can be made to fire on full auto but first it takes someone such as myself with the know how to do it to begin with,then you have to know how to make a "shear pin" using a metal lathe etc and you would have to know the dimensions'lenght,thikness etc to be able to make one,so their not assault weapons whatsoever,the ar is just a fancy .223 caliber varmint rifle and is good for deer gunting as well

    1. michael says:

      really good comment, to the point.

  2. michael says:

    screw that woman and her husband, my assult rifle never killed anyone, and her son, bless his soul, was not killed by a rifle, anyone's, or mine. She is angry and want's to take it out on everyone else. and that my friends just goes to show you she is a mean old bitch to everyone, all the time. As far as her husband not voteing repub anymore, that's his choice, but to make that choice just because he is a pussy and can't handle a little emotions. I bet they never worried about anyone else that has been killed, ever. but boy do they get upset because the world does not stop for them.

  3. Maggie says:

    The nation is so heatbroken for the loved ones of these innocents that are dying at the hands of madmen,I do understand that this family is hurting. However,an assult weapons ban will not help. I want a solution also. I want the hurting and death to stop,and I do not have all the answers. We need to respect the pain these folks go through,it is truly unimaginable ,but respecting them is to search and find a solution to the problem and not just put a bandaid on it. The government is NOT doing that ,the are only encouraging the public to buy more guns by speaking of gun control.I am betting there have never been so many guns in this country as there are since the government threatened to regulate them.

  4. BGH222 says:

    If some nut wants to kill people they will find a way. The worst school massacre in US history did not involve a gun. It was in

    In Bath Michigan, 1927, 38 children were killed by a 55 year old man protesting hi school taxes. He used 500 Lbs. of dynamite and blew up one wing. He had placed another 500 Lbs. in a second wing but it failed to explode.. See full story by Pete Winn

    at GSNNEWS>COM. No law passed by any legislative body will stop a nut case.

  5. Augie M. says:

    Sen. McCain should've been a bit more empathetic to their feelings, that said, I agree with him. The term "assault weapons" is nothing more than a political term and a ban of even semi-automatic weapons wil have no affect on the crimes that we're seeeing today. I can back that up as I've been a cop for 30 years and have never locked up an armed dope dealer, gang banger, or any other thug that had any concern for gun control laws. Period!

    1. Michael says:

      The article doesn't say if Sen. McCain even knew who these people were. It is also interesting that someone living in Colorado wants an Arizona Senator to do their bidding. Sen. McCain's job is to represent the people of Arizona and their interests not Colorado's people.

      1. carteblanch says:

        we know hes bought also but good point.

  6. carteblanch says:

    good point

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