Mexico asks US for gun registry in all border states

While the debate on gun control rages in the United States, Mexico has taken steps to insert itself into the foray. Mexico’s lawmakers voted to ask the United States create a gun registry of all commercial firearms in the four states that border Mexico.

As if that weren’t enough, Mexico wants the U.S. government to share the registry’s data with it. The registry would provide locations of every gun in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

The request has many gun owners and Second Amendment advocates up in arms, especially since Mexican politicians and police are known for their corruption. According to Godfather Politics:

I worked with a guy who owned a bright yellow Ford 4×4 pickup.  One morning he woke up and his truck was gone.  Several weeks later, some friends of his found the truck in a small Mexican town about 50 miles south of the border.  As they observed the truck, they discovered that it was being driven by the town’s police chief.  A week later, my co-worker and several of his friends stole his truck back.  Living in a border state for over 35 years, I’ve heard and seen a number of examples of similar corruption in Mexican law enforcement and politics.

And now they want us to provide them with the complete gun registration list for every gun owner in the four border states?

With U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein recently calling for a massive gun control bill, it seems Mexico may think it has an ally. But chances are it will meet resistance on this side of the border.

See the report here from CBS5-News:

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