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Israel better off without visit from John Kerry

John Kerry
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Newly minted Secretary of State John Kerry will give many nations in Europe and the Middle East his undivided attention on his initial tour, but instead of stepping foot in Israel, he will give it the middle finger.

Give the guy an up-to-date GPS, please. The one he’s using must have been manufactured in the Palestinian areas, where Israel is not even on the map. Or he’s showing his hand during his first head-swimming days in office. Kerry, whose grade-point average at Yale was lower than George W. Bush’s and whose hair is longer than his list of pro-Israel statements and actions, will be a disaster for the Jewish state in his new role.

He has called for a shared Jerusalem, the return of the Golan Heights, a two-state solution and the destruction of the settlements. His family’s Jewish history is also a bit of an embarrassment. Marrying into a millionaire-billionaire family and hobnobbing with the stiff-necked Boston crowd does not go well with the family’s original name of Kohn.

For all he’s worth to the Israelis, Kerry could avoid visiting Israel for his entire stay in office. That would be refreshing.


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