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Black pro-life group account restored after NAACP causes Twitter ban

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If you think it’s easy being both black and conservative, ask Allen West, Herman Cain or Artur Davis. Not only are they expected to support their positions in an intellectual manner, but they often have to do so while fending off racial attacks calling them an “Uncle Tom” and “token.”

Add a critique or two of the policies and alliances of the NAACP, and you’ve got the makings of a war brewing.

Leroy Dodd is the social media manager for the National Black Pro-Life Coalition. The group was preparing to protest the upcoming NAACP Image Awards in Los Angeles in the belief that the NAACP has failed to put the interests of the black community first. Among other things, the coalition was concerned about the NAACP’s partnership with Planned Parenthood, which racially targets blacks.

Dodd used the coalition’s Twitter account to promote the demonstrations on Jan. 28. His first tweet, sent at 9:17 a.m., read, “Black Leaders prepare to protest @NAACP for its #Betrayal of the black community.”

Dodd wrote in LifeNews, “Only six tweets and less than two hours later we got our first suspension, after I hit ‘reply’ to a tweet sent out by @NAACPIMAGEAWARD promoting their show, wherein I linked to our press release and the hashtag #BlackBetrayal.”

Dodd said that although the suspension was quickly lifted, within the next 36 hours, the coalition’s Twitter account was suspended again, and this time it lasted for days.

Dodd described the incident this way:

After researching the issue, I discovered I had been suspended by a technique liberals on Twitter use to silence conservative voices.

The technique is called “Spam-Flagging,” a calculated mass move to misuse Twitter’s “Block & Report Spam” function to trigger Twitter’s automatic spam algorithm that initiates a suspension, sending the targetted Twitter user to what’s now called “Twitter Gulag” – Twitter detention camp for conservative political prisoners.

Although Dodd was eventually able to get the coalition’s account back, it wasn’t until after Feb. 1, the date of the event it was attempting to promote.

Read more at LifeNews.

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