Anti-Sharia law makes its way through the Florida legislature


Florida Senator Don Gaetz. Will he hold or will he fold?
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In a re-run from last year, the Florida House Judiciary Committee gave its approval Thursday to HB 351, the “Application of Foreign Law in Certain Cases,” according to the Florida House website. The bill’s proponents simply call it the “Anti-Sharia Law.”

The vote followed the Civil Justice subcommittee’s approval earlier this month.

Last year, a similar measure was proposed in the Florida Legislature. It made it through all the required House and Senate committees and received overwhelming approval from the House, but it died in the Senate, where it never came up for a floor vote.

Last year’s legislation, like this year’s proposal, didn’t mention the word “Sharia.” Nonetheless, the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other pro-Muslim groups campaigned relentlessly against its passage.

Whether that pressure or some other unknown reason was at play, then-Senate President Mike Haridopolos allowed the bill to die.

Haridopolos no longer serves as Senate president. That position is now held by Don Gaetz.


10 thoughts on “Anti-Sharia law makes its way through the Florida legislature

  1. Sharon says:

    The state of Florida and the USA do not need any kind of sharia laws.

  2. william mackenzie says:

    i will not and will never accept anything other than the laws of the united states according to our constitution-never from from any terrorist spawned group of malcontents or any other country on this planet

  3. MA says:

    There shouldn't even be reason for this to come up. You want Sharia Law go back to your country and enjoy!

  4. Todd Smith says:

    I think if people come to live in the United States they need to be willing to follow our laws. If the want to follow the laws of the country they left, or have those laws enforced then by all means buy a plane ticket and fly back to that country and enjoy the laws theirin. Stop coming to the United States and trying to turn it into the same ungodly place you left. You left for a reason.

  5. JM says:

    The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the United States of America. A County judge in Florida (Hillsborough County) actually made a civil ruling based upon sharia law. Google it. If this legislation will help our legislators and judiciary fight, uphold and defend the Consitution given the Consitution is absolutely under attack, they'd better pass it. Anyone who doesn't vote for an anti-sharia law needs to be voted out of office as far as I'm concerned.

  6. KB Cook says:

    If the individual states don't take firm preventative action quickly, there will be a flood of "anti-hate legislation" and "religious tolerance" issue that arise across our nation due to the current administrations class-warfare strategies and then it will be too late to address these things. Our naked emperor's main goal is to "fundamentally change" America from a constitutional republic governed by we-the-people to a top-down-one-rule oligarchy patterned by communism/Islam, his own ideology!

  7. While many focus on the issue of Shariah law, there is the case of a Florida businessman named Abner (Abbie) Schoenwetter who is the poster boy for why HB 351 needs to become Florida law. In August of 2011 Brian Walsh from the Heritage Foundation reported on Abbie’s case. Abbie was charged, convicted and sent to prison by federal prosecutors because he used plastic instead of cardboard to ship lobsters, which violated a Honduran regulation.


  8. My last comment is a quote from Dr. Rich Swier, Editor of Florida's Watchdog Wire–I prematurely hit the Enter key!

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