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Al-Qaida’s 22 tips on avoiding drones found in Mali

Drone strike
Photo Credit: Drone Wars U.K.

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When Islamic extremists fled Mali after the French invasion in January, they left behind a document listing 22 tips on how al-Qaida fighters can avoid drone attacks as the war on terror increasingly is fought through airstrikes.

The Associated Press found and published the “Xeroxed copy of a tipsheet authored by a Yemeni extremist.” AP said the tips have been “published on some jihadi forums,” but they have “made little appearance in English.”

Al-Qaida-linked terrorism is on the rise in Northern Africa, and the tipsheet “shows the coordination between al-Qaeda chapters, which security experts have called a source of increasing concern,” AP reported.

According to AP, University of Toulouse professor Mathieu Guidere “authenticated” the document, saying it “supports the fact that [al-Qaida] knew there are secret US bases for drones, and were preparing themselves.”

Al-Qaida fighters in Mali were spotted taking precautions straight off the tipsheet, like hiding under trees (No. 10) and using mats to camouflage cars (No. 3).

Read the full AP report here.

Read all 22-tips from the United Kingdom’s Telegraph here.


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