New NRA ad: ‘They don’t make us free, we’re free already’

The National Rifle Association released a powerful new ad Wednesday that serves as a reminder to us all that politicians such as Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are there to serve us — not the other way around. As such, we can never allow them to trample on our God-given rights.

The arrogance of their superiority requires this reminder, “We must never forget that they work for us. They don’t make us free. We’re free already.”

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4 thoughts on “New NRA ad: ‘They don’t make us free, we’re free already’

  1. steve says:

    If all freedom loving,gun owning "and as clinton said bible worshipers"stand together they will never hurt us.But we all could learn from this mess we call obama,go and find all the info about someone running for office and don't believe anything none of them promise,make them prove it!

    1. Jim Bateman USN (Ret says:

      Well said steve. Problem is. Too many Americans are almost totally, and completely uninformed, or knowledgeable about how their Rights, Freedoms, and Liberty are going away…One Obama Step at a Time.

      Obama has more than 50 million Americans convinced. They do not need to work…IF HE PAYS ALL THE BILLS with Our money.

    2. I'd like to think we have done just this(learned from whats going against us).Liz

  2. Clark says:

    Steve, Amen to that which you previously said.

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