Gun liability insurance turns a right into a privilege

Gun insurance
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As of January, New York state has what some call the nation’s strictest gun control laws. Now Democratic state assemblyman Felix Ortiz proposes making them tougher by imposing a $1 million insurance requirement on all gun owners.

Fox News contributor Peter Johnson, Jr. appeared on Wednesday’s “Fox and Friends” and said that such a measure would turn a Constitutional right into a mere privilege.

“This is a ban on firearms by insurance effectively outlawing the ability by most Americans to own a firearm,” he said, and argued that an insurance prerequisite would make it “functionally impossible to own a firearm.”

Johnson claimed that the policy under consideration would run between $1,500 to $2,000 a year and called it to a “means test for the exercise of a Constitutional privilege.”

He also predicted that the insurance requirement would suddenly make gun owners the target for criminals. Even if a criminal fails to make a haul, if the gun owner assaults the criminal he would “collect a million dollar lottery from this guy or gal who is trying to defend himself.”

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