Gun liability insurance turns a right into a privilege

Gun insurance

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As of January, New York state has what some call the nation’s strictest gun control laws. Now Democratic state assemblyman Felix Ortiz proposes making them tougher by imposing a $1 million insurance requirement on all gun owners.

Fox News contributor Peter Johnson, Jr. appeared on Wednesday’s “Fox and Friends” and said that such a measure would turn a Constitutional right into a mere privilege.

“This is a ban on firearms by insurance effectively outlawing the ability by most Americans to own a firearm,” he said, and argued that an insurance prerequisite would make it “functionally impossible to own a firearm.”

Johnson claimed that the policy under consideration would run between $1,500 to $2,000 a year and called it to a “means test for the exercise of a Constitutional privilege.”

He also predicted that the insurance requirement would suddenly make gun owners the target for criminals. Even if a criminal fails to make a haul, if the gun owner assaults the criminal he would “collect a million dollar lottery from this guy or gal who is trying to defend himself.”

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4 thoughts on “Gun liability insurance turns a right into a privilege

  1. RonSr says:

    Another good candidate for an abortion, it is never to lale, strap him to a table drill a hole in his head and then insert a suction hose to vacuum his little pea brain out, then dump him in a dumpster.

  2. merry morris says:

    I have always thought this was a good idea!… Car owners must have their cars registratered every year and carry current liability insurance or face severe penalties upon a tragedy…… as cars have been used as a deadly weapons too! I think this is a step in the RIGHT direction!

    1. Talan says:

      You really are clueless. driving a car is a privilege not a right. Gun ownership is a constitutional right. so we take all the guns away from people who cannot afford the insurance. "Gee, I think we will forego the groceries so we can purchase gun insurance so we can protect ourselves" said now one EVER. Let's make everyone buy liability insurance for free speech too, just in case we offend anyone. $2000per year to open your mouth and speak isn't so bad You think? Let's make voters buy insurance so they can vote. GET REAL MORON!!!

    2. Riley says:

      That is just going lessen the amount of law abiding citizens that have guns. Do you really think a criminal will get insurance on their gun? There are plenty of people on the roads without insurance. Lets just keep making laws that are only enforced on those who abide!

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