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Fla. Ag Commissioner Adam Putnam critical of Medicaid expansion

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Adam Putnam Ag CommissionerCommissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam spoke to members of the Florida Retail Federation Thursday morning. But before beginning his remarks, he took a moment to criticize the idea of expanding Medicaid coverage in Florida under the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

Putnam said the following:

“It’s extremely disappointing to learn that Florida may take on billions in additional costs to taxpayers by expanding Medicaid coverage.

With over three million Floridians already enrolled in Medicaid, Florida cannot afford to foot the bill for millions more.

We will not be able to undo the expansion of Medicaid after enrollment has exploded and the federal government begins to shift the cost to the states.

Over the next ten years, Florida taxpayers will be forced to pay more than $5 billion to cover the cost of Medicaid expansion.

The expansion of Medicaid is not an investment in our future, does not create jobs and does not strengthen our infrastructure. Furthermore, it is not free.”


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