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Fla. natl. committeeman’s message to Gov. Scott: ‘We’re watching closely, convince us’

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The following statement from Florida Republican National Committeeman Peter Feaman concerning Governor Scott’s announcement on Medicaid eligibility was obtained by BizPac Review:

Fiscal responsibility by our governments at the local, state and national levels is the number one concern of most grassroots conservatives in Florida.

Therefore, yesterday’s announcement by the Governor raises concern from fiscal conservatives throughout the state.  Conservatives, however, are not yet ready to abandon Governor Scott or “throw the baby out with the bathwater”, so to speak.  If it can be shown that this is sound fiscal policy, the Governor will get the benefit of the doubt.

However, elected Florida Republicans have done a tremendous job in keeping Florida’s fiscal house in order these past two years despite the down economy. Let’s not jeopardize that now.  While other states and the federal government have raised taxes and increased spending and debt, Florida has not raised taxes, kept spending under control and improved the state’s credit rating.  The fruits of that sound fiscal policy are now here.  Unemployment is the lowest since 2008, the housing market is rebounding tremendously and Florida has once again become a desirable place to live, work and visit, attracting new residents and visitors, daily.

Florida’s conservative grassroots are watching closely.  Convince us, Governor, that you are sticking with your principles of sound fiscal policy and limited government and we will stick with you.  Florida is the number one state in the nation for opportunity, freedom and prosperity.  Let’s keep it that way.


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