Why Joe Biden is wrong when he says ‘buy a shotgun’

Reprising a statement he’d made last week, Vice President Joe Biden told a woman during a Facebook Town Hall hosted by Parents Magazine on Tuesday that she should buy a shotgun for protection.

“If you want to protect yourself get a double barrel shotgun, you don’t need an AR-15,” Biden said. “You don’t need an AR-15, it’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use…buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun!”

Excuse me Mr. Vice President, but I beg to differ.

An assault weapon is infinitely easier to aim. It has an integral rail system allowing the attachment of a red dot scope or laser sight. In addition, an LED light can be attached to both blind and illuminate the attacker at night. The person with the double barrel remains in the dark.

There’s almost no recoil or “kick” to an AR-15 as opposed to a typically unvented double barrel 12-gauge shotgun, making it easier to control and therefore easier to use.

Lastly, when you’ve fired both barrels of a double barrel shotgun, your options have suddenly been reduced to grabbing the gun by the barrel and using it as a club. Multiple attackers? You’re out of luck. There’s no way a victim can break down the gun, extract the spent shells, load two new ones and aim before he’s overtaken.

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