Virginia pizza shop gives discount to gun owners

Three cheers for a second amendment supporting pizza shop in Virginia Beach for offering a 15 percent discount to gun owners.

The Virginia Beach CBS affiliate, WTKR TV, reported that All Around Pizza owner Jay Laze said the response to the pizza discount for gun owners “has been great.”

“All they have to do is show me that they’re carrying a weapon or they can show me their concealed weapons permit and they can get the discount,” Laze said in the story.

According to the report, Laze’s “support for gun ownership is incorporated throughout his business.” “I actually hire delivery drivers that do carry openly,” Laze said.

Watch the full story from WTKR TV here:

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Janeen Capizola

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6 thoughts on “Virginia pizza shop gives discount to gun owners

  1. Ted says:

    The only question here is that: If you give a discount to the gun owners, are you then penalizing your non-gun owning customers? Its not good business to shut down your customers by telling them they have to own a gun, or green socks, or garter belts, or Greenbay cheese hats to get a discount. I think this pat on the back for gun owners can be a slap in the face for the non-gun owning customers, unless you have another discount for them. Then, we are all at "0" anyway, aren't we?

    Whatever slices your pie, I guess. Just saying…

    1. Perry B says:

      It's called getting a reward for good behavior. Classic pavlovian conditioning.

      IOW, get armed!

    2. kateinmacclenny says:

      Ted, good for the owner. It's his business decision and he's doing great!

  2. Oh!knock it off Ted.I can tell your not a person that trusts,or believes in guns.The day we absoloutely no longer have them in this country,we'll be under communists ruling.Thats a real tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Liz

  3. Walter nelson says:

    This guy is an idiot!!!!!!

  4. Walter nelson says:

    Would like to see his insurance co. rasie his rates 500%. Then we will see if it is a good idea.

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