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Trump threatens $25 million lawsuit against ‘ultra left-wing political group’

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A campaign to “Dump Trump” from Macy’s has been brewing since November, but Donald Trump has finally had enough. Trump is threatening to sue the founder of the protest for “not less than” $25 million if it isn’t stopped.

Angelo Carusone started the campaign when Macy’s signed Trump as a spokesman. Carusone claims Trump “doesn’t represent the magic of Macy’s” and refers mostly to Trump’s behavior and political positions, according to a report by THR.

In an attempt to get Macy’s to drop Trump, Carusone began with a SignOn.org petition.   He then sponsored anti-Trump mobile billboards to circle Macy’s corporate headquarters in Cinncinnati, Ohio and Macy’s flagship store in New York City’s Herald Square.

Dump Trump Macys billboard 2012
Photo credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Trump’s attorney, Alan Garten, issued a letter dated December 27, which reads:

While you claim to be merely exercising or right to free speech, your egregious, pre-meditated and illegal conduct far exceeds anything protected by the ConstitutionRather than simply engage in lawful protest, you have apparently made it your mission to interfere with and intentionally disrupt Mr. Trump’s longstanding and well-established business relationship with Macy’s as well as his contractual dealings with other third parties through mob-like bullying and coercion.”

Garten also states that Carusone has targeted other conservative commentators in the past and has misled the public on his efforts by inflating numbers of supporters to the media. He continues:

Though your organization purports to be…a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) whose goal is to uphold the First Amendment, in reality, it is nothing more than an ultra left wing political group aimed at suppressing free speech by targeting conservative activists and their business partners through baseless threats and intimidation – an effort more commonly referred to as “censorship”.

Carusone’s attorney, Paul Levy of Washington, D.C. based Public Citizen, responded to Garten’s letter in January. Levy’s letter says that Carusone has exaggerated his claims and makes no factual basis to his assertions.

A lawsuit has not been filed yet, but after the recent win of a $5 million defamation lawsuit against Trump’s Miss Universe L.P. , Trump is not likely to back down.

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