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Ted Cruz says attacks on Rubio motivated by race

Sen. Ted Cruz
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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says some of the attacks on fellow Republican Sen. Marco Rubio by Democrats are motivated by race, according to the Dallas Morning News.

“I think Democrats and the media are afraid of Marco Rubio because he is a smart, intelligent, conservative Hispanic,” Cruz told reporters Tuesday while touring a Texas gun manufacturing plant.

“And they are looking for any excuse they can to attack him, because that threatens them.”

Cruz also commented on the criticism Rubio received following his response to last week’s State of the Union, suggesting it was about more than Rubio being a promising young Republican.

“It’s not just a promising Republican,” Cruz said. “I think the Democrats view Marco Rubio as a particular threat because of his background, his life story. I think it they believe it is in their interest to inflict as much damage as possible and blow things wildly out of proportion.”

Newsday ran a Cal Thomas column Monday, “Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, a double threat,” that looks at why Democrats fear the Hispanic senators:

After becoming the first Hispanic to win a Senate seat in Texas, Cruz told CBS News, “I think the values in the Hispanic community are fundamentally conservative, but you’ve got to have candidates that connect with that community in a real and genuine way and communicate that the values between the candidate and the community are one and the same.”

This is what Cruz and Rubio are doing. They don’t use their heritage as a wedge to divide; rather they are using it as an avenue for communicating ideas to those who share that heritage — and to a wider audience — in ways that can improve everyone’s life.

“Democrats aren’t likely to sit still and allow Cruz and Rubio’s ideas to reach not only Hispanics, but the rest of America,” Thomas wrote.

“Their ideas are more powerful than the weapons used by Democrats in their race and class warfare where people are seen not as individuals, but as voting blocs.”

Cruz also weighed in on immigration reform: “In my opinion, the single biggest obstacle to passing immigration reform right now is President Barack Obama… His objective is not to get a deal, not to pass a serious improvement to our immigration system, but rather to force Republicans to walk away from the table so he can have a political issue to campaign on in 2014 and 2016.”



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