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GOP lawmakers request funds for Cops in Schools program

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In the months after Election Day, most freshmen lawmakers on Capitol Hill are still trying to find their way to the congressional barber shop and the nearest men’s room. Not so for one North Carolina Republican House member. He’s rolling up his sleeves and getting right to work.

Rep. Mark Meadows introduced his answer to December’s tragedy in Newton, Conn., with what he feels is a common-sense solution: by placing police officers in schools around the country through the introduction of his Protect America’s Schools Act, according to The Hill.

“According to a recent Gallup poll, 53 percent of Americans believe that increasing police presence at schools would be very effective in preventing future tragedies,” Meadows told The Hill last week. “After speaking to local law enforcement, superintendents and principals in my district, I believe this is the best path forward.”

Meadows enlisted six additional House members as co-sponsors, half representing Florida districts — Tom Rooney, Rich Nugent and Gus Bilirakis. The remaining co-sponsors are William Cassidy of Louisiana, David Joyce of Ohio and Cynthia Lummis of Colorado.

Although all sponsors are Republicans, Meadows considers the bill to be bipartisan because Bill Clinton first broached the idea during his presidency.

The Meadows legislation is attractive on two fronts: First, unlike other proposals pending, his doesn’t punish the law-abiding citizen. Second, he proposes to set aside a modest $30 million for the program, with local jurisdictions providing the rest.

According to the White House website, $77.4 billion has been requested for the Department of Education, of which $30 million represents just a tiny fraction of that amount — what some might call a mere accounting error.

Since Newtown, local school districts have begun similar programs, including in Colorado, Arizona’s Maricopa County and Newtown itself. Although it’s too early to judge the success or failure of these programs, Israel has been doing this for a number of years. The video below describes Israel’s success.

Read more at The Hill.

Video: armed guards in Israel

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