Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: I am a freed slave


“Freed slave” Sheila Jackson Lee
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On Feb. 13, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, announced on the House floor, “I stand here as a freed slave.”

I hate to break it to her, but she was never a slave, and moreover, I was never a slave owner.

I first became aware of Lee when I watched a Houston town hall meeting she’d conducted in 2009. The issue of the day then was Obamacare.

A young woman, later identified as cancer survivor Tracy Miller, expressed her concern over the revamping of America’s health care system and attempted to ask the congresswoman a question.

But while Miller was talking, Lee took a cellphone call and ignored the cancer survivor.

I’ve often thought that if worse came to worse, I can always move to Texas. I’ll just have to make a note to avoid Houston.

Lee on the House floor: ”I am a freed slave.”

Lee ignoring a concerned constituent.

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25 thoughts on “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: I am a freed slave

  1. margaret says:

    Nope. Sounds to be like she is not a f r e e d slave. Sounds to me she is still a slave….to Massa Obama.

  2. Joe White says:

    She's just black trash. She needs a good Rhiana beating from her pimp.

  3. Shaun Porter says:

    If we go far back enough we will find that at one time or another we were all slaves. Slavery has been practised for thousands of years and is not exclusively something done by white people.Let us accept that her ancestors not her were captured by a rival tribe in battle and sold to white slave traders.Her great great great grandfather was a slave on a cotton farm.Today she lives and works in a country where she enjoys all the amenities of an advanced technological society and she calls herself a slave.Lady if life is so rough research your ancestry,find out what african country your ancestors came from and move back there,You will be free,free to suffer and die from disease, civil insurection,child slavery and a myriad other nasties.Have you ever thought that family of your ancestors may well be alive somewhere in Africa,cousins so many times removed and while you swill on gm foods and the best drinks in airconditioned splendor, you cousin is slowly wasting away from starvation and disease in a mud hut fearing the shadow of the child soldier with an AK in his hand that will kill just for the fun of it.Slavery was not a curse on the African American but a blessing in diguise.The chaos in Africa is not caused by the white man, it is caused by warlords and corrupt poloticians and tribal hatred,then again this is abetted by greedy conglomerates paying bribes to exploit the riches of Africa.From an African.

  4. Ian says:

    Here check this out, this is what descendants of Freed-slaves think about gun control, you racist bigot:

  5. Jon Weiss says:

    If this woman is serious, then I will expect her support for reparations paid to me by Hispanics for the slaughter of my ancestors by the Conquistadors, I am mostly of German ancestry, and look the part (I am pale white) but I am also 1/4 Native American, and Native Americans were treated far more harshly by Hispanics in 1500's than Africans were in the 1600-1800's.

  6. Christy Kuppler says:

    I’ve got news for her! I have her beat, because I was a slave, enslaved by the Roman’s. I was Greek, and am STILL a Greek! I have seniority! This woman came across as very foolish, and has just destroyed any credibility and respect that she may have once enjoyed. She is just one more embarrassment to government, and to women in general. 50 lashes for this idiot!

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