Letter to the editor: American people not being informed about Obama’s agenda

Barack ObamaDuring President Obama’s recent speech, he said: “We are all citizens. It doesn’t just describe our nationality or legal status; we are all Americans.” That was right at the end of the speech, if you care to check.

Not one person has commented on this statement, and I find that alarming.

Since when does putting your feet on American soil make you an American citizen? This is an open invitation to illegals, with Obama announcing to the world they can come here, get their freebies and be automatically considered U.S. citizens.

We have a press that either invents stories or changes them to suit the Obama agenda, and the American people are not being truthfully informed of what Obama is really doing. This is dangerous.

Sandra Wiesner

Bandon, Ore.


5 thoughts on “Letter to the editor: American people not being informed about Obama’s agenda

  1. Robert says:

    obama, the Fake president that keeps on givings.

  2. Rodney D. Folts says:

    I find it really frustrating, trying to fight the media hype, as they placate to this person who resides at our countries White House. In my opinion, this man is not an American citizen, and has no right to hold this, or any other office, as a representative of our Country. He is a fraud and a conman, and deserves to be indicted and charged accordingly, along with his wife, and all those who aided and abetted him, in this deciet! I am really diappointed with the niavitey of the American people, in not seeing through his facaud. Disappointed, angry and frustrated….but not giving up!!

    1. BlessMyHeart says:

      Amen to that! I'm not giving up either, it's too important

    2. Sandy says:

      Has it occurred to you that the reason he says "we are all citizens regardless of birthplace" is because he is speaking of himself? Come on, Obama to this day has ALL of his personal records sealed. There's only one reason to do so and we all know he's hiding his real origin and background. He will continue to get away with it as long as Americans refuse to do their jobs and hold him accountable. This is our country, he is a hired hand. We hired him so we can fire him and we don't have to wait for an election, we can impeach him for the multiple crimes he has committed, the constitution he violates and the treasonous acts he continues to do. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND USE YOU VOICES

  3. Lillie says:

    Yes, I heard that too and thought, "Why doesn't he just say 'We are the World'?" Then I thought that maybe he thought that by saying that he was no only legitimizing all illegals currently here and those who choose to come soon, but also legitimizing himself from his past where his grade school enrollment form in Jakarta said his citizenship was Indonesian. It also fell into context with George Soros' Open Society doctrine. It is so ironic though that we can't go to Mexico, any middle eastern country, Asian or European country and just walk in and say, "I''m here! Take care of me!"

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