US pays high price for Obama’s cheap talk

obama_contemptTalk is cheap, and so is rhetoric. Barack Obama is known to some as a “great communicator,” a great talker. I don’t know whether that means with or without a TelePrompter. What we do know is that Obama is the gabbiest president in quite some time, with 700 TelePrompter speeches in his first term.

But on President’s Day 2013, shouldn’t we be long past the point of presidential blather about the problems we face? Don’t we reach some point where words must be left behind and solutions begin? It is not our words that show who we really are inside; it is the actions we take that make us who we are.

As presidential words have piled up, nothing much has improved. The country has over 12 million fully unemployed. Our real unemployment number today is 14.5 percent, not the government’s number of 7.9 percent, which ignores three categories of unemployed people. Our borrowing is limitless, our federal debt at a record $16 trillion, costing annual interest of $360 billion.

But when conditions don’t improve, that means Obama is winning his war to transform America, as he promised. He knows he can’t build up something radically new unless he tears down what was there before. That means things may get much worse before they get better. Obama’s shiny new car may need to break down on the road a few times before people realize it’s a lemon.

This president’s view of the Founding Fathers’ Great Experiment in a republic form of government is far deviant from our U.S. Constitution’s view. The Obama view is the western European model. He wants America to be run more like France, Greece, Spain and the Scandinavian countries of Sweden and Denmark, where over two-thirds of the work force is unionized.

Obama embraces centralized, collectivist government, with people heavily dependent on the nanny state for what they want in life. Once dependent, always obedient. As the minions trudge down the dreary road to serfdom, they slowly “give themselves over” and let the state decide their fates.

That’s why Obama rammed through his darling Obamacare, to make everyone a health ward of the government, as the inevitable results will come to roost: a decline in the overall quality of health care, a shortage of doctors, delays in treatment, less research for new drugs, and government squads deciding who will receive treatment and who won’t.

At a gallop, Obama is pushing us toward western European socialism, a political system that has never succeeded anywhere. That’s why he’s in love with government-funded mass rail transit, which never works except in a few heavily concentrated herds of population like Japan. Obama refuses to believe in American exceptionalism because it runs counter to equal outcomes for all.

We’ll see whether squalor and poverty will be reduced in Obama’s new America. If you want a glimpse of what’s most likely coming, spend some time in the bowels of the world’s large socialist cities. I wish you the best at coming out unharmed.

Warnings grow louder. The president’s response is to demand even more tax revenue while “refusing to lay a finger on runaway social-welfare programs,” as Barron’s put it. Perhaps we should hope for thunderous opposition, gridlock and raising hell in Washington, so that our plunge toward unprecedented financial chaos may be at least slowed down. The bedrock of American greatness is the refusal to see liberties yanked away without a fight to take back our country.


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John R. Smith

John R. Smith

John R. Smith is chairman of BIZPAC, the Business Political Action Committee of Palm Beach County, and owner of a financial services company.
John R. Smith


12 thoughts on “US pays high price for Obama’s cheap talk

  1. "The bedrock of American greatness is the refusal to see liberties yanked away without a fight to take back our country."

    I need help fighting DOJ in Court. DOJ imprisoned me for 5 months with no evidentiary hearing, no bail hearing, and no criminal charge. They used the Joint Automated Booking System and the Prisoner Tracking System to do so. They claimed that was legal and Judge John D. Bates ruled that it was legal. Now, I have to get through an appeal. DOJ misrepresented that the JABS and PTS don't need a criminal charge. That is contradictory to the Privacy Act Notices DOJ published in the Federal Register see vol 69 p 23213-7 (PTS) and vol. 71 p. 52821-2.

  2. seazen says:

    Quite a personal rant there. Not one real fact in the whole thing. The economy has been slowly but surely pulling itself out of a deep pit that was created by events that occurred long before Obama was elected. The data is clear if you choose to look at it. The very worn out attempts to disparage Obama by claiming that the recovery is "not good enough" as if "we could have done better" is childish.

    1. Egon Martinovsky says:

      Seazen : One must wonder whether you were born this way or was it our public school system that did this to you ?

      Facts : Unemployment numbers check.Actually on the increase again, even with the governments phony numbers.

      Average take home pay, has dropped by an everage of 2,500$ since 2009. The last quarter the economy actually shrank.

  3. Ted says:

    Judging from the article here, I'd say the writer is doing some of what he is charging Obama with: Talking and talking and saying nothing. How about some numbers? Maybe its too much trouble. Maybe the writer has a deadline. Maybe the writer's heart isn't really in what they are writing about. I won't say that normally then I make noise on this level, I also make wind, but, I could have.

    As for the first commenter's charge about the DOJ: You don't say why the government is doing all this to you. That might be where the answer to your problem. Without the "why", its hard to get sympathy. The DOJ doesn't normally just pick you out the blue for attention without a reason.

    Just saying…

  4. JJ says:

    Seazen, This is the price of electing a man who is economically and fiscally illiterate. The recipe for staging a more rapid recovery is well-tested and with positive results (See Reagan administration). The real problem in America is that we suffer as a population, in general, from economic and fiscal illiteracy about the basic economic issues facing our country. The Democratic Party continues to insist on pursuing an economic philosophy that is so intellectually bankrupt that it defies rational comprehension. Democrats still stubbornly believe, despite irrefutable empirical global data to the contrary, that raising tax RATES increases tax REVENUES and promotes growth. That increasing taxes on the top 2% of American earners will solve our deficit (if you do that math it suggests roughly 2.8 million out of the 143.5 million working [and total of 310 million living] Americans will contribute enough additional tax revenues to balance our budget, an additional contribution of approximately $390,000 from each of those 2.8 million). That ten years of revenues against six years of expenses under Obamacare is a surplus. One of the unspoken and continuing tragedies of Solyndra is not just the $1 billion borrowed for crony investment in an ill-conceived green energy enterprise, but the fact that we will have an annual $40 million interest expense legacy to that bad judgment forever – (money that could health insure almost 7,00 people). Wouldn’t that borrowed money have been better spent spread among our research institutions where real middle class jobs exist? Was the Obama administration the only group of people in the world who were unaware that the global solar panel industry suffers from overcapacity? And if Joe Biden’s debate remarks about Romney’s economic priorities weren’t so pathetically uninformed they would have been laughable and just maybe show how economically illitereate he is. Consider the Vice President’s logic: Romney spent about $25 million of his own money on his campaign to get a 3.5% percentage point annual tax break on $13.5 million of income, or about $475,000 a year. Somehow that doesn’t make much sense if you’re already paying $2 million in taxes and giving another $4 million each year to charity – not quite 50% of his income – and it’s about giving back, isn’t it? That logic would indicate a more than 52-year payback on his $25 million campaign investment…for a man of Romney’s financial acumen, hardly worth the effort and pain at age 63. And he suggests that almost 60 million people vote Republican so 120,000 families can get a tax break…really? And these belittling comments from our sanctimonious Vice President who gave all of $500 dollars to charity last year and has presided, with his boss, over the largest increase in debt in not only American history but in the history of the world and from which, one can only sadly conclude, we will not likely recover as a nation. And I am not some radical right wing conservative but one of those Independents who voted for Obama in 2008. And John Kerry in 2004. And Al Gore in 2000. Given the compelling oratorical skills of our president, it is not hard to compile 60+ million votes from among the economic and fiscally illiterate, especially when 47 million people are on food stamps, almost 9 million are now on social security disability (during Obama 1.0, more than 6 million people went on SS disability, more than got actual jobs), over 8 million on unemployment, etc., and the president clearly believes his own BS that raising taxes on the wealthy is going to restore fiscal sanity to Washington. The Obama philosophy and arithmetic simply does not work. Reagan prescription? The same formula that worked in 1980 when I got out of graduate school: Cut or keep taxes low, reduce regulation, reduce the size of government. And people bitched about those Reagan deficits but if you are running a deficit @ 2.5% of GDP and GDP is GROWING @ 5-8% annually, your debt./GDP is actually going DOWN, witness the 436 million jobs created under Reagan and GHW Bush. This president has been running a deficit @ almost 9% of GDP with 0.8% average growth over his term…when does the statute of limitations run out o blaming everyone else??

    1. JJ says:

      That would be 36 million jobs during 1981-1992, not 436…(Typo)

  5. Rasputin says:

    A great front-page column in Barron's Saturday: a photo of Obama, and the words "FOLLOW ME, WE CAN BE LIKE GREECE" under it. "IF WE FOLLOW OBAMA'S PLAN, THE U.S. IN 22 YEARS WILL BE IN WORSE SHAPE THAN GREECE IS TODAY."

  6. Shel says:

    I couldn't agree more! Shocking how 1 can write an article & say absolutely nothing but blah, blah blah & get $ for it!! I'm shocked their employed…LOL

  7. StatisticsFreak says:

    For a statistics Freak, it's pretty amazing that the uneducated populace actually do believe economy is "improving" when there are approx 200,000 less workers in January2013 as compared to Jan2009 even though many full full time jobs were converted to multiple part-time jobs. Not to mention population has grown, so did the number of immigrants. The loss of manufacturing jobs exceeded the gain. Poverty rate increases, income levels drop. The free and easy money were pumped into the stock markets to prop the markets up.

    If the academic excellence is positively co-related (or proportional) to $$amount spent on each student on global platform, US students would have be the #1 not #26 among 30 top industrialized nations. Your tax $$ down the toilet drain.

  8. seazen says:

    Wow! What a great piece of work that will help me pull myself out of an illiterate state. Thanks!

    Trouble is, of course, that quantity does not equal quality when trying to cover so many disparate issues in a single rant. The whole thing is loaded with so many false statements and logical fallacies that one hardly know where to begin. For all of the many declarations of fact, it would help if there were both data and a relevant context within which to justify them.

    In the first place, no one has ever said that the single act of a tiny increase in marginal taxes for the top 1% would solve our deficit problems by itself. It is but one small piece of an effort to return to a point where there is some serious relationship between tax rates and the relative gains people are receiving from the full spectrum of benefits that living in this country offers. The economic growth progress of this country has never been damaged by higher tax rates. Not when the top rates were 70% or 50% or 40%. And those tax rates have never halted "job creation" because the wealthy do not create jobs. Employment increases are the direct result of a society that is focused on building and creating and producing in both the public and private sectors. In the private sector, that employment comes as new technologies take hold and new products and services are brought to the market. New technologies like wind, solar, bio-engineering, nano-technology, quantum mechanics, etc. New technologies evolve in a sloppy way and those who are first engaged often fail as our understanding of the technologies improves. There were once over 260 automobile manufacturing companies. The vast majority of them naturally failed.

    What the whole Reagan debacle was about was a radical shift from actually producing things to a money-based economy rooted in short-term gains for the investor class. Instead of engineering, top students were lured into finance and our incentives were all bent to produce short-term financial gains. We were told that our economy would grow if we would simply buy more stuff and credit was shoved down everyone's throat as if it were our patriotic duty to buy more in support of production efforts that were shipped overseas to assure higher profits.

    The net result has been a massive hollowing out of our middle-class as well as sustained stagnation for those below that. Today, millions of Americans are really struggling to just get by and it is not because those millions are lazy. There are no jobs and without work there is no way they can be a productive part of a society nor can there be economic growth. Included among these are students who have been sold a bill of goods about college and its pathway to a good job. They too are riddled with debt and have no jobs.

    The vast majority of Americans are waking up to the fact they are simply serving the wishes of the new plutocracy where single families like the Waltons have more wealth than 40% of the rest of the country combined. And Mitt Romney was nothing more than a prototype of that class. He and his friends thought they could buy an election. Today they are really miffed that they lost – again. They all need to spend more time with the rest of us and maybe they would get a clue, develop some empathy, and realize that it really is about "we the people" – not just them.

  9. BigBossOgg says:

    You're wasting your time, Egon, that one was sent here by Media Matters for America, or one of that ilk, Funded by George Sore-ass

    . It's only purpose is to troll, disrupt and otherwise obfuscate. This, in the hope that we will get off-message and spend our time arguing with it.

  10. JJ says:

    So your theory is that we have all been subjected to this grand subversive scheme to convert the US economy to a FIRE-based system (finance, insurance and real estate)…the fact is that the U.S. decline in manufacturing started in the 1970's when the Japanese willfully depreciated their own currency by running their printing presses in order to gain share of the US auto market…and it worked. We live in a global economy. Consumers in the U.S. want goods cheap…Walmart should have a sign on the front that says "China Outlet Store"…if you shop there, are you part of the problem or maybe evidence of the phenomena? As a person associated with the retail business, I don't set foot in Walmart (you gotta make a stand somewhere) …their predatory business policies have done more to kill middle class jobs than any other company or government philosophy in this country…and it's no fluke that as you so rightfully point out that 4 of the 10 wealthiest people in the world are Waltons…all done on the backs of middle class sales reps, etc….and are you ready to pay $40 more for a pair of bluejeans if they're made in the U.S.? or $300 more for a television? How do you deliver a box of 100 Christmas lights, packaged and on the shelf retail at Target for $5.00 out the door? Not manufactured here…and I am paying less for a pair of bluejeans today in actual (not adjusted) dollars than I did in 1968…and Obama is full of beans when he says he saved the auto "industry"…(I grew up in Detroit – once a car guy always a car guy)..most of the cars manufactured in this country are NOT made by GM and are made outside of the state of Michigan..and the highest U.S.-content auto manufactured in this country is a Toyota…the highest U.S. manufacturer for domestic content is Chevy in about 6th place…he saved two very sick companies that eventually went through an "orderly" bankruptcy process, which is exactly what Mitt lobbied for in his oped to the WSJ..and was skewered for it by Mr. Embellishment. You can't ave your cake and eat it, too…that is to say, manufacturing jobs and lower prices if you want to support the inflated union wage system you favor…and Obama DOES embellish the notion that taxing the 1% is going to balance the budget…those words come out of his mouth every day and it's exactly how he created the infamous "class warfare" that he repeatedly denies where he pits the "underclass" against the highest achievers in our society…classic socialist move…and it IS very real…I am unapologetically a social Darwinist -and I am not a 1% er…under achievers in society have always been part of the human condition and political philosophers have been trying for thousands of years to legislate it out of existence…but no amount of legislating or collectivism has ever worked, anywhere in the world at any time…the American democratic free-enterprise system, despite all its warts and inequities, has done more to "lift more boats" than any other system in the history of the world…and I resent watching this man try to dismantle it through the oratory of envy and outwardly hostile behavior toward the private sector…You cannot punish the over achievers by pitting the against the underachievers and hope to have a society that survives itself. I stand at traffic lights all around the state of Florida and other places and I see a lot of 98%'ers driving $50,000 SUVs…these are NOT the 1%'ers that you liberals hate so much…despite all the moaning, the standard of living in this country is exceptionally high compared to anywhere else in the world…how about a simple "Thanks" tot eh 1%'ers for carrying our sorry arses instead of continually villifying them?

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