Backlash intensifies over Capital One spokesman Alec Baldwin’s racial meltdown

Alec Baldwin

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The response to actor Alec Baldwin’s outrageous behavior toward a New York Post reporter and photographer Sunday morning has been fast and furious, but no one said it better than @CuffyMeh on Twitter: “Alec Baldwin sucks at Black History Month.”

New York state Sen. Malcolm Smith is furious over Baldwin’s alleged racist rant, saying the actor needs “anger management.”

TMZ reported Monday that Smith has called on Hollywood – “both TV & movie producers — to SUSPEND Alec Baldwin from all projects … in the wake of allegations he spewed a racist epithet at a NY [photographer].”

According to a New York Post report, Baldwin grabbed a Post reporter who asked him a question Sunday and told her, “I want you to choke to death.” He then turned his wrath on Post photographer G.N. Miller, who also is a retired New York City police detective, and allegedly called him “a coon,” “a crackhead” and a “drug-dealer” and made “disparaging remarks” about Miller’s mother.

“If these allegations are true, then no television network or film studio should hire the veteran actor until he seeks help,” Smith told TMZ. “In today’s modern age it’s a disgrace that people still use remarks that provide hatred to others based on race or origin.”

The article said Smith was planning to contact NBC, Baldwin’s employer, to ask the “network to push Baldwin into anger management courses.”

The backlash against Baldwin is also trending on Twitter, since Baldwin is a spokesman for Capital One.

Author Brad Thor tweeted Monday, “‪@BradThor If Alec Baldwin were a conservative, the hacks at ‪@MSNBC would be covering his racism wall-2-wall.”

Baldwin’s cousin, Harriet, who has been blocked by Alec, tweeted, “‪@HarrietBaldwin @AskCapitalOne ‪@CapitalOne Do you condone spokesperson Alec Baldwin’s racist language and threatening behavior? ‪#AngerManagement”

Some comments from Twitter as reported by Twitchy:

‪”@rovibe71 ALEC BALDWIN RACIST MELTDOWN — Loony liberal calls black photographer a “coon”, “crackhead”, and “drug dealer”. ‪  ‪#p2”

Alec Baldwin called his daughter a ‘pig’ & has now called an ex-cop a “coon” and “crackhead”. And liberals love this clown. Makes sense. ‪#p2”

‪”@laissezfaire100 Why is racist Alec Baldwin’s a spokesman for Capital One? ‪@AskCapitalOne”

‪”@rgorm27 #Alecbaldwin is a ‪#racist ‪#fraud. I hope ‪#capitalone fires him.”

”@FloridaJayhawk If you don’t pay your Capital One credit card they send Alec Baldwin out to call you racist names.”

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12 thoughts on “Backlash intensifies over Capital One spokesman Alec Baldwin’s racial meltdown

  1. scallywag says:

    The irony. . . an enlightened, humanitarian, liberal celebrity using violent racist slurs. How can that be? Then again can you really believe the far right leaning NY Post mob either?

    1. StatisticsFreak says:

      Facts and libs are always mutually exclusive as proven by the above comment. Sadly.

  2. Maggie says:

    Stop whining and just do it! Refuse to watch anything he is a part of and do not purchase any products or services that he is an advertiser for. Same goes for Bill Maher. The only reason these guys are in the news is because we buy into their bad behavior. I have not participated in anything these two are involved in for years. Them and a few more people.

  3. ileen says:

    omg you make a big deal over his anger issues now??????????? Where were you when he was bad mouthing Pres Bush and threating to leave the country if Bush was elected. He is known for bad mouthing alot of people but I guess it was ok, but now because of their race it becomes an issue. LETS STOP THE DOUBLE STANDARDS AND START REPORTING TRUTHFULLY FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. bob tremblay says:

      I agree.Would be completely different if Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton had made racist remarks.They can do it,and get away with it.Why not Baldwin

  4. Wow, really, I thought it was common knowledge, libs like alec can do anything they want to anybody they want!

    Also, thought everyone knew that the only racist are conservatives and the white race! libs, Blacks, latinos, and others can't be racist! sure they made a mistake!!!

  5. Adeline says:

    All of this is just too much beside the point when our country is literally going down the tubes. I cannot help but wonder if the papparazi might have set this up..

  6. Interesting says:

    Here is a little background on the family. Just your typical run of the mill Father knows best.

  7. Trust the tabloids? says:

    Ummm?…this is still an alleged rant, correct? The NY Post claimed to have footage and audio recording. Where is it? This publication has corroboration but they're not releasing it? Sounds shady to me. I'll join the rush to crucify Alec when the recordings back their story up. Until then….

  8. johnnycab23513 says:

    Why all of the fuss about the fool calling a black man a slang term describing a ring tailed, masked rodent. He committed criminal acts in assulting the female reporter and threatening her But all that we hear about is the name calling, Sticks and stones, and all of that.

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