American Cancer Society Logo
American Cancer Society to hold Relay for Life

The American Cancer Society has announced its Relay for Life, their signature overnight fundraising walk where survivors, caregivers and supporters camp out around a track, is approaching. […]

Brothers win lottery, blow up house

Two brothers who celebrated their $75,000 lottery win with marijuana and methamphetamine accidentally blew up their house. When the names of famous outlaw brothers are recorded in […]

Obama’s America: Youth, middle class living lives of quiet desperation

You could see it in their faces; the lo was unmistakable. I noticed it throughout our trip but it wasconfirmed by Mario on our final day in […]

Bob Weeodward on Fox News Sunday, video
Dems have asked White House for Hagel to withdraw nomination

In a “Fox News Sunday” interview, Bob Woodward offered an answer to his own question, “What are Democratic senators thinking about the Hagel nomination?” Woodward said some […]

statue of liberty
James Madison Institute to co-host Freedom Academy in Fort Lauderdale

The James Madison Institute, in collaboration with the Lou Church Educational Foundation and AFP-Florida, is bringing the Freedom Academy to Fort Lauderdale, hosted by the Foundation for […]

Marco Rubio
Rubio heads to Middle East for high-level talks

Sen. Marco Rubio departed for the Middle East on Saturday in a visit that will include meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam […]

BizPac Review
Mainstream media’s epiphany: Sen. Menendez’s FBI investigation is news

In a Jan. 31 BizPac Review article, I asked, “Where’s the media in Dem. Sen. Menendez’s underage prostitution scandal?” At the time, only Fox News and the […]

3D printers and ‘Cuomo Clip’ head off gun laws at pass

Do all the new gun laws get you down? Someone has an app for that. Put up a roadblock, someone will find a way around it. Enact […]

Pyongyang, North Korea
White House held secret talks with N. Korea before nuclear test

In the wake of an underground nuclear explosion that appears to have been planned for the day President Obama ivered his State of the Union address, North […]

President Obama solar farm
Europe nixes green energy as Obama doubles down

As Europe is waking up to its failed experiment of “green energy jobs,” President Barack Obama is throwing America deeper into the red as he doubles down […]

WH petition asks Obama to stop calling women ‘wives, mothers and daughters’

Feminists want President Obama to stop calling women “wives, mothers and daughters” and use “inclusive language” when talking about women. (Isn’t every woman a daughter? Just […]

As database robs real pain patients of privacy, junkies switch to heroin

Drug addicts always find a way. gun control, most drug laws do nothing but make life harder for law-abiding citizens. Shutting down and prosecuting pill mills […]