Rep. DeSantis’ federal pay freeze passes, overturns Obama’s executive order

Congressman Ron DeSantisKnown as the federal pay freeze bill, the first piece of legislation drafted by Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., passed the U.S. House of Representatives in a bipartisan 261-154 vote Friday – with 43 Democrats voting for the bill. Officially known as H.R. 273, the bill overturns an executive order issued by President Obama that implemented across-the-board pay hikes for non-military federal employees, including members of Congress, members of the president’s Cabinet and even the vice president. It is estimated the bill will save taxpayers $11 billion in new spending over 10 years.

DeSantis’ office released the following statement:

“When American families are tightening their belts in order to make ends meet, the federal government must do the same,” said Rep. DeSantis. “The bipartisan passage of this bill is a great step toward tackling our fiscal deficiencies and Obama’s overspending head-on. This bill is not a reflection of the fine work done by many federal employees, but is simply a recognition of our current fiscal situation. I’m proud my very first piece of legislation proves the U.S. House is serious about putting our nation on a sustainable fiscal path.”

“Congressman DeSantis has shown great leadership with this bill. He understands that Washington should be focused on helping families get on solid financial footing, not giving Members of Congress, the Vice President, Cabinet Secretaries and other civilian federal employees an across-the-board pay raise at the expense of hard working taxpayers. I applaud Congressman DeSantis for his work to get our nation’s spending under control,” said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

“Federal employees are on average compensated 16% more than their private sector counterparts. In fact, during the so-called ‘pay freeze’ federal employee pay has gone up by $3,328 while private sector pay has gone up only $1,404. The federal employee attrition rate is the same now as it was before the so-called ‘pay freeze.’ Nearly half-a-million federal employees make more than $100,000 per year. If President Obama does not get serious about finding spending cuts to avoid his sequestration, many federal employees will be furloughed, resulting in an actual reduction in compensation and harm to productivity,” said Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa.

“Compensation for government employment must bear at least some relationship to the private sector economy that pays the taxes necessary to support it,” added Rep. DeSantis. “As a former active duty Navy officer who worked closely with many fine civilian employees, and now as a Member of Congress, I respect and appreciate the hard work of all our public servants. However, during these challenging times, all of us, private and public sector alike, especially Members of Congress, must make sacrifices in order to reduce spending, not increase it.”

This common sense legislation was supported by 45 co-sponsors as well as conservative groups such as the Club for Growth, Heritage Action, National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Tax Reform, and FreedomWorks.

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View Rep. DeSantis’ op-ed regarding H.R. 273 here.

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14 thoughts on “Rep. DeSantis’ federal pay freeze passes, overturns Obama’s executive order

  1. KB Cook says:

    Curiously, the following Republicans found reason to vote against this bill:

    Mo Brooks (AL), Pete King (NY), Chris Smith, Frank LoBiondo (both NJ), Tom Marino (PA), Rob Bishop (UT), Scott RIgell, Rob't Wittman, Frank Wolf & Randy Forbes (all VA)

    One wonders why?

    1. Rich says:

      Because they are liberal spenders and looking out for themselves I suspect.

  2. Janet Brown says:

    Until my retirement last year from my county job we had not had a raise in 3 years, had a pay decreases with another possibly coming this year plus had to pay more for pension and insurance, so Rep Wolf don't talk about Fed employees not having pay raises. When I retired I was making approx the same as I made 5 years prior…..but I had a job at least

    1. Bethaney Riley says:

      Join the rest of the country since Bummer got in office.

  3. Janet Brown says:

    The next step should be for Congress to take a substantial pay cut, eliminate the lucrative pension and health care benefits

    1. Rich says:

      Agreed . Why do we reward their dismal performance? They wanted a merit pay system for teachers. I think they should lead by example. Congress has a 10% approval rating so I think a 90% cut in pay and benefits would be appropriate.

  4. Joan Thomas says:

    First sign of hope. Thank you. DeSantis and all who voted for the pay freeze and overturned Obama's Executive order for raises.

  5. Bethaney Riley says:

    If Congress and the Senate were subject to Obummer Care, then we would see it go away.

  6. ryukidn says:

    Great … how about they start crushing some of the really ugly and unconstitutional EOs? Let's start with trespasser amnesty, and any gun control measures. If you can't get it through congress, then it is not constitutional, and not valid!

  7. JOAN AFFATATO says:

    Right on Rich, and also take Obama's plane away. He should be paying for all of his campaigns, playing golf with Tiger Woods trips. And Obama's wife should not be usinging We The Peoples tax monies for her vacation and flying all over the world with her family and friends. This is highway robbery for the TAX PAYING Citizens of the USA.

  8. JOAN AFFATATO says:

    Thank you Ron DeSantsis for your first great STOP. Now let's stop the EPA and special interest groups from stopping our drilling and the federal government putting restrictiions on fishing here in Florida and other parts of our country. Stop Obama and the leftist congress from taking away our second amendment.

  9. Weezie says:

    Right ON! Joan Thomas! DeSantis is now one of my heros !

    1. Weezie says:

      Oops! too hasty ! HEROES!!!

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