Professor tells students not to cite Fox News, makes her ‘cringe’

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Oh, to be a political science student at West Virginia’s West Liberty University and be told by a professor not to cite Fox News as a research source.

That is exactly what visiting professor Stephanie Wolfe said in her syllabus. According to the Daily Caller, Wolfe told students:

DO NOT use

1) The Onion — this is not news this is literally a parody

2) Fox News — The tagline “Fox News” makes me cringe. Please do not subject me to this biased news station. I would almost rather you print off an article from the Onion

Besides the obvious punctuation errors, I would have been tempted to point out to the liberal loon professor that I would have done exactly what outraged students and parents did: Head straight to the local media and complain about “political bias.”

Fair and balanced local journalists reported the story, which forced this response from the university’s president, Robin Capehart, according to the Daily Caller:

 One of our values at West Liberty is to encourage students to go out and inquire and gather information and look at as many different sources as possible on any side, before you reach your opinion. Any attempt to limit the breadth of a student’s ability to investigate is obviously something at which we have a concern.

Public pressure forced the professor to lift the ban on using Fox News as a source, the CBS affiliate in Washington, D.C., reported.

Good. I hope those students cite Fox and keep Wolfe cringing all semester.

Read more from the Daily Caller.

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