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Jessie Jackson Jr. pleads guilty in massive scam

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Jessie Jackson Jr. is done, and a federal prison cell is in his future.

Jackson pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud, and his wife pleaded guilty to providing false information to the IRS, according to the New York Post.

This is what happens when a person is never held accountable for his actions over an entire lifetime. As Jessie Jackson’s son, Junior led a charmed life and was fawned over by a compliant, enabling liberal media.

Now he has to pay for it with prison.

He also has to give back:

* More than $7,000 in memorabilia from martial arts movie star Bruce Lee.

* $6,000 in Martin Luther King Jr. memorabilia.

* $22,700 of Michael Jackson memorabilia, including $3,900 for the singer’s hat and $4,600 for one of his fedoras.

* $4,000 for a guitar belonging to Michael Jackson and “Runnin’ with the Devil” guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen.

* $2,300 worth of fancy capes — one mink valued at $800, and a black-and-red cashmere valued at $1,500.

* Other high-end fashion items, such as a mink reversible parka and a reversible black fox, totaling $2,700.

Read the full story at the New York Post: Jesse Jackson Jr. plunders $750,000 in campaign fund scam, feds charge

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