Charlie Crist’s wife loses custody of teenage daughters

Crist wedding

Photo Credit (AP Photo/Florida Governor’s Office, Colin Hackley)

As New York socialite Carole Rome walked down the aisle in December 2008, she was escorted by her daughters from a previous marriage, Skylar, 10, and Jessica, 12.

The smiling groom: then-Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

When the Rev. David Miller asked who was there to give the bride away, the Huffington Post reported, the girls quickly answered separately, “I do.”

Little did they know.

Four years later, on Feb. 1, a New York county judge temporarily awarded Carole Crist’s ex-husband, Todd Rome, full custody of their two teenage daughters after allegations that Florida’s former first lady abandoned the girls, according to the Broward-Palm Beach New Times:

The judgement, which Rome read aloud over the telephone to New Times — but declined to release — overturned the parents’ joint custody, and follows two years in which Carole Crist hasn’t returned phone calls, text messages, letters, or any communication of any kind with her children, said Rome’s attorney, Mark Heller.

“It’s shocking and very disturbing because these two girls are at a fragile point in their lives, and as important as a father is, a mother is very important,” he said. “And [Crist] has been completely absent from their lives.”

The New Times article noted that the decision isn’t public record and couldn’t be independently verified.

“She’s completely abandoned them,” Todd Rome said in a telephone interview Friday with the Tampa Bay Times, adding that his ex-wife has not seen or spoken to her daughters since June 8, 2011.

Carole Crist has not commented publicly on the custody order, nor has Charlie, who told TCPalm a few months before their wedding: “The girls are wonderful. I think the world of them and I look forward to spending a lot of time with them.”

Of course, with Crist all but certain to run a second time for governor, news of his wife abandoning her children would have to be a deal breaker, no?

Silly me. I forgot. He’s a Democrat now.

As for fate, it’s ironic that many of those who’ll support Crist’s re-election efforts likely stood outside the church the day the former governor got married, protesting his support for banning same-sex marriage and gay adoption.

It turns out Crist was no more wedded to those positions than to his determination to spend “a lot of time” with his step-daughters.



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  1. The report about his showcase wife's abandonment of her children is simply reporting fact. Why would she do that? Why would she marry Charlie? There will be a lot more questions as we approach the election. Crist is a self-serving, consummate politician.

  2. Terry Anderson says:

    More garbage from this useless news letter. This drivel is exactly why teabagers and the Republican Party are going down in flames. just more irreverent loser gossip material from trolls like little Tommy Tillison to feed its brain dead followers. Perhaps some day Tillison you can write for a ladies gossip column with your impressive journalistic skills. How is any of this useful to people with actual functioning brains? Please, oh please promise that you will continue to spend your time on crap like this so progressives & moderates can continue to clean your clock at elections . How thankful we are for you wing nuts.

  3. Terry Anderson says:

    Old Blumel the jack wagon. Haven't had the pleasure of hearing you spew your delusional garbage in awhile. You must be really enjoying the political events of the last few years since your boy George Bush jr. left office in disgrace.

  4. Terry Anderson says:

    The CATO institute. HaHa ha ha ha! Brother please!

  5. Gregg says:

    Wily, name speaks volumes anyway please stop pushing your fantasy beliefs on everyone. Equality is a basic right what your personal "god" beliefs are have no bearing. Respect others so you too may keep your rights. No one has the right to deny anyone else their rights. We need to stop getting in others business and attend to our own. Be the change you want to see in the world stop demanding the world reflect your fantasies and or values. Grow up quit allowing your small ego to be threatened you become a bigger more Christ like person when you rejoice in the happiness and equality of others. Be happy you get to practice your faith without persecution but don't force your faith on others. I'm sure you don't want other faiths forcing their dogma on you. Stand up for freedom

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