Broward Sheriff’s deputy: ‘I’m gonna feed you to the f— alligators.”

We’ve all seen enough episodes of “Cops” to know how frustrating it can be for police officers to deal with repeat offenders, so I’m often willing to cut the police some slack for using harsh words and language to get through to bad guys.

In July, Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Alan Dubinski unleashed a verbal tirade on Jessie Merchant, “a man with whom Dubinski has a law enforcement-related history,” CBS 4 Miami reported.

Police were called to investigate Merchant for causing a disturbance, and Florida Highway Patrol troopers were about to issue a verbal warning when Dubinski arrived, the report said.

In “colorfully” graphic detail caught on video from the police car, Dubinski told Merchant to go home, adding that if officers had to come back for him again that evening, Dubinski was going to feed Merchant to the alligators. Well, first Dubinski said he would bash Merchant’s head in with his flashlight, then drag him out of his house and feed him to the gators.

Remember what I told you about the alligators? I’m gonna feed your a– to them. I’m not gonna arrest you. I’m gonna feed you to the f—— alligators. I’m taking you out on the Alley and I’m dumping your a–. So you’re gonna die.

And you know what? It seemed to work. Merchant told Dubinski the words were scaring him, and Dubinski said, “I hope I am.” That was the whole point, Dubinski told CBS Miami.

Of course, Dubinski’s conduct was reported, and internal affairs investigated.

“Dubinski was given a written reprimand for conduct unbecoming an employee and returned to duty,” the story said.

CBS Miami asked Dubinski if he felt his conduct was professional.

“In the eyes of the public, it’s probably not, but every situation is different. Sometimes you have to be harsh with some people to get your point across to them that they understand, and this is the way that Jessie understands, and the problem was solved,” Dubinski said. “Everybody’s gonna say it was improper, but it was effective. I didn’t hurt him.”

For me, that’s the bottom line. There was no violence, no police brutality. Just a cursing cop scaring a repeat offender into going home and behaving himself.

Read more from CBS 4 Miami here.

Watch and decide for yourself if Dubinski crossed a line with Merchant (warning: explicit language):

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