Mark Levin: Muslim Brotherhood ‘might as well have infiltrated our government’

“The Great One,” as conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin is known, emerged from his bunker Wednesday to discuss President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address with Sean Hannity.

“If everything is so swimmingly going along here, why do we need all these programs?” Levin asked, according to Fox News. “He could have said, ‘America is in great shape. Good night.’ And he didn’t do that because it’s a joke.”

“The problem for me is, when he’s focusing on jobs, he’s destroying jobs,” Levin added. “When he’s focusing on the debt, he’s ballooning the debt. Everything he focuses on, he destroys, so you gotta hope he’s not focusing on you.”

Speaking of the administration’s transfer of state-of-the-art F-16 fighter jets and M1A1 Abrams tanks to the Morsi-led Egyptian government, Levin said the Muslim Brotherhood “might as well have infiltrated our government — they have a friend in the Oval Office.”

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