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FAU continues to deny reporters access to Islamic events

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TV and radio news reporters Tom Trento and Mark Campbell attempted to video a Students for Justice in Palestine event at Florida Atlantic University recently. Both had been cleared by the Secret Service to record the presidential debates at Lynn University before the November election. Yet last week and again on Tuesday, they were denied admission by FAU officials to cover the Islamist events on campus. Videos will be aired, though, of the latest confrontation with the powers that be at this public university and their censorship of openly advertised meetings.

I attempted to reach pertinent officials at FAU on Wednesday by leaving messages with Charles Brown, vice president of student affairs, and Terry Mena, who is listed as director of student media. Neither was available to talk to me, as if they ever will be. The difficulty in reaching anyone at the school for information is like swimming upstream: a near-impossible task. Trento tried for three days before Tuesday’s meeting to get clarification on taping the gatherings,  which were advertised as open to all. No response. It’s as if the outgoing phones at the university were rendered inoperable.

So what’s going on at FAU and at Brooklyn College, where Islamist student organizations run roughshod, not only on the administrations of these publicly financed institutions but over the constitutional rights of students and citizens? Believe me, we’ll eventually find out.

See Trento’s video here:


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