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University sponsors ‘unfair to be white’ campaign

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Photo from UnfairCampaign.org

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A controversial campaign underway at the University of Wisconsin-Superior is teaching students that it is “unfair” to be white, Campus Reform reported.

A university spokesman confirmed that the “Un-Fair Campaign” was designed to teach students that “systems and institutions are set up for us [whites],” and so they are “unfair.” The official website touts the campaign slogan as “it’s hard to see racism when you’re White.”

Campus Reform reported:

The project disseminates its controversial message through an aggressive campaign of online videos, billboards, and lectures.

Posters produced by the group feature a number of Caucasians with slogans like “is white skin really a fair skin?” Sharpied on their faces.

Under their “Taking Action” section of the website, the campaign lists the following resources, with links attached:

  • Learn how white privilege has historically disadvantaged people of color
  • Identify the costs of racism to you as a white person
  • Take responsibility for your thoughts/actions
  • Learn what it means to be a white ally to people of color
  • Learn how historically white privilege has benefited you and other white people.
  • Accept that you have unearned privilege and advantages—write them down
  • Start seeing/hearing the privileges and advantages you have

While the campaign initially began at the University of Minnesota–Duluth, that school dropped it after receiving negative national attention that called the initiative “divisive” and “alienating.”

University of Wisconsin-Superior spokeswoman Lynn Williams told Campus Reform the school does not “exactly” share the Minnesota university’s concerns, adding that the campaign presents an “opportunity on our campus to talk about all privilege and to create conversation.”

“We really felt that this was an opportunity for the campus and the neighboring community to learn and to grow together,” Williams said.

Williams added that the Wisconsin school, which has several events planned, has no intent of dropping its sponsorship.

See the entire Campus Reform report here.


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