Rubio gets last laugh on ‘water bottle-gate’

With millions of people watching his response to President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, Sen. Marco Rubio became dry-mouthed and made an awkward reach for a bottle of water that had been placed off-camera.

The National Journal was quick to put out an animated graphic  that captured the moment, and the left pounced for all it was worth, mocking Rubio for becoming his own State of the Union drinking game.

It didn’t take long for the incident to become a sensation on Twitter, with a #ThirstyRubio hashtag quickly appearing and fake Twitter feeds such as @Water4Rubio. “Stay thirsty my friends,” was among the more clever responses — and it came from Rubio.

Rubio also put out a Twitter photo immediately after his speech that poked fun at the incident:


Taking a bottle of water to some of his morning show interviews Wednesday, Rubio continued to play along with the joke. While appearing on “Good Morning America,” Rubio said, “I needed water, what am I going to do? God has a funny way of reminding us we’re human.”

Rubio explained on “CBS This Morning” that before giving his speech live in English, he also taped his remarks in Spanish, according to USA Today.

“I had already taped an 18-minute speech in Spanish,” the senator said. “So I’m just glad the water was nearby. I don’t know what I would have done without it.”

The far-left group Florida Watch Action, responsible for the “Pink Slip Rick” campaign, created a website ( that made a weak attempt at poking fun at Rubio.

Of course, the photo below may explain why the junior senator from Florida was feeling parched. He was standing directly under a lighting kit while giving the speech.

Rubio under lights
Photo via YFrog
Tom Tillison


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