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Cop-killer saga ends in flames

Christopher Dorner
Photo Credit: The Week

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Millions watched the unfolding drama Tuesday of what is suspected to be the final hours of the manhunt for the fugitive ex-cop-turned-cop-killer Christopher Dorner.

Charred human remains were recovered from the cabin that burned to the ground Tuesday evening in Big Bear, Calif. Forensic tests will determine if those remains are Dorner’s, ABC News reported.

According to the report, police were alerted that Dorner, 33, was in the area by a 911 call from one of Dorner’s hostages who had broken free. Dorner stole a vehicle and was spotted by California fish and wildlife officers.

Dorner fled the vehicle on foot, but engaged in a gunfight, killing a San Bernardino Sheriff’s officer and injuring another, bringing the number of those killed to four, the article said.

Dorner then barricaded himself in another cabin in the Big Bear Lake area, and more gunfire was exchanged with police.

ABC reported that shortly after police fired tear gas into the cabin, a single gunshot was heard and then the entire building went up in flames. The sound of exploding ammunition was heard coming from the cabin.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Cindy Bachman told reporters police believed Dorner was still inside the cabin as it burned. “We believe that the person that barricaded himself inside the cabin engaged in gunfire with our deputies and other law enforcement officers is still inside there, even though the building burned,” she said.

Multiple news sources said the manhunt for Dorner was the largest in California’s history.

Approximately 40 officers and their families were under constant police protection last week after Dorner’s chilling manifesto, published on Facebook, revealed his targets.

Dorner is accused of killing the daughter of a former Los Angeles police captain and her fiancée, as well.

Dorner implicated himself in his manifesto, claiming the killings were his revenge for being fired by the LAPD. Dorner vowed not to be taken alive by police, which led to extreme tension during Tuesday’s standoff.

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