Ron Paul has ‘gone to war with his loyal fan base’

Ron Paul
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Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, champion of the libertarian movement, has “gone to war with his loyal fan base,” according to PolicyMic.

Paul has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization — a United Nations agency dedicated to the use of intellectual property — against the authors of and

The move did not sit well with longtime supporters, as noted in an article published on the and websites:

“Back in 2007 we put our lives on hold for you, Ron, and we invested close to 10,000 hours of tears, sweat and hard work into this site at great personal sacrifice. We helped raise millions of dollars for you, we spread your message of liberty as far and wide as we possibly could, and we went out of our way to defend you against the unjustified attacks by your opponents. Now that your campaigns are over and you no longer need us, you want to take it all away – and send us off to a UN tribunal?”

Paul had expressed regret about not owning the domain that bears his name in an interview with Alex Jones last month, prompting the owners to reach out “to work out a deal”:

We sent Ron Paul the following respectful offer [View/Download PDF File], explaining that we’d prefer to keep due to reasons explained in our letter.

At the same time we offered him as a free gift…

Our offer went on to explain that in case Ron Paul insisted on obtaining, we would prepare a complete liberty package consisting of and our mailing list of 170,000 liberty lovers.

The value we put on the deal was $250k; we are getting our mailing list appraised right now but we are confident it is easily worth more than $250k all by itself. Claims that we tried to sell Ron Paul “his name” for $250k or even $800k are completely untrue, and there is little doubt that our mailing list would have enabled Ron Paul to raise several million dollars for the liberty movement this year. It would have been a win/win/win situation for everyone involved.

Paul’s response to the offer, according to the article, was that he “went to the United Nations and is trying to use its legal process related to domain name disputes to actively deport us from our domain names without compensation.”

Stay tuned to see if this proves to be the final chapter for a politician who enjoyed unprecedented levels of adulation from grass-roots supporters, who fervently believed he was a cut above the rest.



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